MTT 241 / Lost Boundaries

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MTT241 Spectrogram

Melancholy (perhaps even spooky) electro for this first week of October. This mix features four new tracks from Brokntoys and two tracks from the recent Alignment compilation on Patterned Media. Plus, you know, a bunch of old favorites.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Dr. Lovelock / A Struggle For Existence 00:00
  2. Anthony Rother / Simulationszeitalter 04:15
  3. Boris Divider / Ready For The Fight 07:49
  4. Datentraeger / Das System 10:25
  5. Isolated Material / Unordered Frequencies 13:51
  6. Interviews / Miami String 17:39
  7. Sync 24 & Dexis / Haunted World 22:52
  8. Trichome / Jacob's Step Ladder 27:01
  9. Limit B / Triaxial 30:46
  10. SMPL SMPL / Subterfuge Remix 35:04
  11. Serge Geyzel / Enot 38:14
  12. Surgeon / Bad Hands Break 42:32
  13. Go Hiyama / World Game 46:06
  14. Umwelt / Conquest Of Darkness 49:57
  15. Heuristic Audio / Wisla 53:19
  16. Cabaret Voltaire / Exterminating Angel (Outro) 58:51

The four new Brokntoys tracks in this hour are #5 Unordered Frequencies by Isolated Material, #6 Miami String by Interviews, #10 Subterfuge Remix by SMPL SMPL, and #11 Enot by Serge Geyzel. I love the gloomy, moody stuff that Brokntoys has been putting out this last year. I've been waiting for October to really dig into it and play selections for this show, so expect more from them in the coming weeks.

Track #8 Jacob's Step Ladder by Trichome and track #9 Triaxial by Limit B are both from the excellent Vol. 1 Alignment compilation on b0t23's new Patterned Media label out of Portland. Igloo Mag has a good article about the release that gives a little history on the many contributors. I highly recommend checking this one out, it's great. I'll be playing more from it soon for sure.

The first track A Struggle For Existence used to be available on the version of Biogenesis at Hadamard's bandcamp page but that seems to be gone now. The original release of Biogenesis on Black Montanas is missing this track, but that's what's available online now, so that's what I've linked to above.

There's some confusion as to the name of the penultimate track here. It's labeled as Wisla on my vinyl copy of the Death Of A Star EP but the digital version at Satamile / Heuristic Audio's bandcamp calls it Dawn Over The City. I'm going with the vinyl name this time. Anyway that's a very good EP, one that's grown on me a lot over the years. All four tracks are terrific. I'll have to write a full article on it at some point.

That's what I've got this week. I adjusted a few levels in post (got carried away with the volume of World Game) but it shouldn't be too bad. I'll be back next week Thursday the 14th with another mix. Something slower, as is my habit.


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