MTT 243 / Connections Between

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MTT243 Spectrogram

Spooky electro again featuring a number of new tracks from Brokntoys and a bunch of old favorites (Alex Nôrinh, Dr. Lovelock, and Shadowbunny among them). 115-120, an easy tempo.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. First Mode / Contact 00:00
  2. Camino Acid / 2HI REbootXL 03:44
  3. Andrea Parker / Invasion 07:58
  4. The Outsider / Hitcher 11:42
  5. Dr. Lovelock / Phylogenesis 15:58
  6. Luxus Varta / Nixit 19:14
  7. Cyp / Home Leaves 23:06
  8. Weith / Obsesie 24:39
  9. Ivna Ji / Waiting Times 29:00
  10. Vertical67 / Nightingale 33:00
  11. Alex Nôrinh / Untitled [Bunker 3066 A1] 36:38
  12. Sigma Algebra / Ayin 41:37
  13. Mas 2008 / U Can't Emulate A Soul 45:10
  14. SC-164 / Sourced 49:43
  15. Shadowbunny / ~ 52:23
  16. Uniflux / Broken Wave Encoder 57:11

Tracks #6 Nixit by Luxus Varta, #8 Obsesie by Weith, #9 Waiting Times by Ivna Ji, and #10 Nightingale by Vertical67 are all from the label Brokntoys, with the latter three being relatively new. The Weith and Ivna Ji are part of a series of self-titled releases, mostly two-trackers, mostly slower tracks, all excellent. I've been looking for a way to play these for some time; glad to have gotten to it now.

Track #14 Sourced by SC-164 from their Human Grid EP is also relatively new (2019). That's an interesting album, good tough techno-electro. It rattles. I'm playing Sourced at -6% in this mix (and last week I played Sync 24's remix of Seperate Follower significantly slower as well); it's worth checking out their original intended tempo at the links above.

I've been meaning to write up articles for some of the older records in this mix. Maybe soon. It's late though and I want to get this out tonight, it's time to hit publish. I'll be back next week Thursday with something slower to finish out October. More spooky stuff.


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