MTT 242 / Can't Know The Future

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MTT242 Spectrogram

More dark (ish) electro and techno, this time at a comfortable (and later aggressive) 130. Most of these are old tracks, with the exception of one from March of this year on Brokntoys.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. NNYNYX / Moruge 00:00
  2. Morah / Coma Verenices 03:41
  3. Jean-Louis Huhta / Viva La Differenze! 07:50
  4. Mystic Letter K / Yet 2 B 11:11
  5. Cosmic Force / Melancholie 15:56
  6. Ectomorph / Slither 18:25
  7. Dietrich Schoenemann / Untitled [E-SERIES01 B2] 21:28
  8. Boris Divider / Wireframe Reality 26:18
  9. Mono Junk / System Night (Original Mood Mix) 30:01
  10. Transparent Sound & Scape One & Karoshi / You Get Inside My Mind 33:07
  11. Weith / Illusion Of Separation 36:05
  12. The Pulse Projects / Ice Cold Funk Series_004 40:18
  13. Perm / AII 43:32
  14. The Exaltics / Ten Days 46:31
  15. SC-164 / Seperate Follower (Sync 24 Remix) 50:58
  16. Cultek / Excessive Frequency 54:34
  17. ScanOne / Darkdub 61:14

The one new (from 2021) track here is #11 Illusion Of Separation by Weith. That's one of two Brokntoys pieces include here, the other being Morah's Coma Verenices. Weith's track is listed as subscriber-exclusive; a subscription to Brokntoys isn't too expensive, and is (in my opinion) well worth it.

Both track #14 Ten Days by The Exaltics and track #15 Seperate Follower (Sync 24 Remix) are from Sync 24's label Cultivated Electronics. Track #16 is an old one by Sync 24 and Rob Smith, and was released on the SUBsidence compilation on Touchin' Bass back in 2005. That means the 15 minute span from 46:00 thru 61:00 is all somehow Sync 24 related, whether it's something he released on his label, remixed, or had a hand in producing.

Track #3 Viva La Differenze! by Jean-Louis Huhta is one I don't play often, an old one from Cari Lekebusch's label H-Productions, a dusty 10" I think I picked up at Zion's Gate. The next track in the mix, #4 Yet 2 B by Mystic Letter K, is a Lekebusch production put out on the old Electrix. So that's cool, a little connection between those two tracks.

Lastly I'd like to call out track #7 Untitled [E-SERIES01 B2] by Dietrich Schoenemann. That record is fantastic and I think a bit slept-on or overlooked. The production on it is weird, experimental. It has a strange stereo field. I've seen Schoenemann's name listed as mastering engineer fairly often recently (I see he runs a company called Complete Mastering) and that makes some sense to me given the sound of this EP. If you see a copy of E-SERIES01 The E.C. Breeders EP snap it up, it's great.

I think that's all the writing I have in me today. There's some weird ones in here, a few unusual choices, and that's always fun. (For me anyway). I'll be back next week Thursday evening with another mix, slower as usual.


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