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MTT 244 / Pictures Of The Gill-man

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MTT244 Spectrogram

A grab bag of slow tracks, brooding and dark. This mix features five or six new-ish tracks from Brokntoys as well as a track from ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ's recent IMMI EP and another one from the new Alignment comp on Patterned Media. Good tracks, unfocused set.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Coil / Strange Birds 00:00
  2. Obergman / Clockwerk Multiverse 03:11
  3. ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ / CIN1 06:24
  4. Anthony Rother / Redlight Combat 10:24
  5. Gamma Intel / No Way Out 13:29
  6. R 325 / 910510819 17:08
  7. Umwelt / Realm Of Eternity 20:26
  8. Hadamard / Spacewalk 22:55
  9. Jauzas The Shining / Llentrisca 26:32
  10. Dmitry Mazurov / Viscera (L'Automat Remix) 30:17
  11. Scorn / Nut 35:05
  12. Señor Frio / Sub Noctum (The Wee DJs Remix) 39:00
  13. Bitstream / Streamlining 41:34
  14. Shadowbunny / Nothing 44:58
  15. Jauzas The Shining / Similitude 48:42
  16. Ben Milstein / rempb001 51:59
  17. Frequent C / Bag Foot 54:56
  18. NNYNYX / Drownings 58:10

There are six tracks from Brokntoys in this mix: #2 Clockwerk Multiverse by Obergman from the free Cold Light Low Tide compilation, #5 No Way Out by Gamma Intel from their album Automatic Illusion, #6 910510819 by R 325 from their album Mouvements, #10 Viscera (L'Automat Remix) by Dmitry Mazurov from L'Automat's Moments EP, and finally both #9 and #15 by Jauzas The Shining from his self-titled two-track single. These are all great and pretty unusual, with that last one from the list (Jauzas The Shining's self-titled) being particularly evil.

Track #16 rempb001 by Ben Milstein is from the new Alignment compilation on Patterned Media. I've played four or five tracks from that comp this month, I think. A solid album of varied glitchy weirdness out of the PNW, definitely worth checking out.

Track #17 Bag Foot by Frequent C is from his album Flesh Tones. I've linked to his Thriftwicker Audio Society project above as it seems Flesh Tones is currently unavailable online.

I didn't have an ending worked out for this and so the mix kind of fades away over the last 15 minutes. Which is OK, though I wish I'd had a bigger resolution. Anyway I'll be back next week Thursday evening with something fast for the beginning of November. Maybe something cold.


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