Movement Through Thought 2017/03/02 Playlist

MTT001 spectrogram

First of a new venture: "Movement Through Thought" on anonradio. Broadcasting for one hour every week, Thursday 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM PST (Friday 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM UTC). Playing electro, techno, footwork, drum & bass, dub, breaks, and whatever else catches my attention.

The recording of this show (the first episode!) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page (where it says "e-mail me") if you want a copy of it.

What's Your Pleasure?

Screengrab from the end of Hellraiser

Hellraiser, 1987, VHS. Second generation, dubbed onto a "Hollywood Video" branded tape. Subtitles from opensubtitles. The VCR used for playback during the dubbing process left a little gift you can see below. Fortunately it only happens once during the movie.

Second screengrab from Hellraiser

Unidentified Flying Oscillator by Space Dimension Controller

Unidentified Flying Oscillator Cover Space Dimension Controller
Unidentified Flying Oscillator

Released 2009. MP3 320kbps, 116MB.

  1. Unidentified Flying Oscillator
  2. Space Dimension Controller
  3. Spanner Cord (Q150 Edit)
  4. SH-8040
  5. I Made A Funny
  6. Title Sequence
  7. VCOcation
  8. Spanner Cord (Monolith Remix)
  9. Branston Pickle Fit
  10. Don't Push Him
  11. Galactic Effector
  12. 110 Probe-lems
  13. Galactic Effector (Filaria Remix)
  14. VCOcation (Boxcutter Remix)


About & Contact


Hi, I'm Cameron.
I collect electronic music, read books, use Linux and BSD, and play Quake.

I've been a DJ for about 20 years, playing mostly breaks and electro. A long time ago I used to write bad music with Modplug Tracker and later Jeskola Buzz.

"CEV" is my initials. I've never liked "DJ CEV" as a handle but I used it for over a decade and never came up with anything better so it's stuck now.

Accounts, addresses, where to find me

Here's a list of my various accounts and contact points:

The fastest way to reach me is by e-mail or IRC. All other services are checked much less frequently.

Past and current shows, gigs, music things

From around 2010 or 2011 through February 2020 I played music at Ground Kontrol with my friend DJ Megaphysics. We played there every last Wednesday until the pandemic hit in 2020. Vinyl at first, then later digital. You can find old tracklists from our shows by browsing the Logical Aggression tag on this website.

Movement Through Thought on Anonradio, the SDF's radio station, from 2017-03 thru 2020-09. MTT numbers 1 through 187 were mixed live and broadcast through Anonradio.

Movement Through Thought on, mirrored to, 2020-09 thru the present. The current incarnation of MTT as a mix series and/or some kind of low-tech podcast.

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Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / Jan 2015

Tracker mods! Plus '90s pop electronic and some electro. Not digging particularly deep into the history of mods here. Really just playing the hits - 2nd_pm, spacedeb.mod, fruitbat. And a lot of Necros. Tracklist of my first set (to the best of my memory) is below.

  1. Basehead + Lord Pegasus / 2deep
  2. Necros / Introspection
  3. Purple Motion / Shadowrun
  4. Skaven / Data Jack
  5. Sbassship / Solaris
  6. Purple Motion / Unreal 2
  7. Necros / Wired96 Report
  8. Dust Brothers / My Mercury Mouth
  9. Captain / Space Debris
  10. Future Sound of London / Papua New Guinea (Monsoon Mix)
  11. Clone Theory / Electrollenium
  12. Orbital / The Girl With The Sun In Her Head (Necros' Shadow Caster mix)
  13. Mick Rippon + Beek / Sexy Satellite
  14. Beek + Virt / Fruitbat
  15. Bass / Dicky.Faty.Loremy
  16. Lowfish / No Longer Accepting Complaints
  17. Radix / rymdlego
  18. Purple Motion / Satellite One
  19. Lizardking / Bionic.C.Remix
  20. Imatran Voima / Commando

Sadly, I don't have notes for the second set. It was a bunch of Dune (aka Brothomstates), Mellow-D, Noldus, and a stack of weird records.

Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / May 2014