MTT 276 / Strange Reactions

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MTT276 Spectrogram

Electro this week featuring new releases by KOZMIK FUNK, Obergman, Permutation, and Stratos Zero, as well as a couple old '80s pieces. (Some good vocoder this time).

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Axiom 23 / Above The Sky 00:00
02. 808 State / Pacific (R21 Elektro Mix) 02:13
03. Pathic / Chloe's Welcome 06:15
04. Facade / The Groove 11:33
05. Man Parrish / Man Made 14:34
06. Dj HasH / Intramolecular 18:59
07. Scape One / Cosmic Jam 20:14
08. Permutation / Inner Motion 24:47
09. Obergman / Nocturnal Detour 28:47
10. Pip Williams / Ashburton 32:17
11. Stratos Zero / Facade 36:10
12. The Egyptian Lover / The 808 39:47
13. Eggfooyoung / B-Boys Take Control 41:40
14. KOZMIK FUNK / Numbers, Computerworld 44:47
15. EPG / Assimilated 48:53
16. Newcleus / Computer Age (Push The Button) 51:40
17. E.V.I.A.N. & The Atlantis Posse / Techno City (Instrumental) 57:40

New tracks this hour include #8 Inner Motion by Permutation, #9 Nocturnal Detour by Obergman, #11 Facade by Stratos Zero, and #14 KOZMIK FUNK's cover of Numbers, Computerworld. All good & worth checking out, with the Epicycles EP by Permutation being the one I'm most excited for currently. (I kind of sequenced the middle of this set to play Inner Motion because I couldn't wait).

Some of this mix, particularly the end, is a rehash of (or iteration on) MTT 177 done with the intent of improving on that previous mix. In particular the Party Rock to Computer Age (Push The Button) to Techno City sequence is something I wanted to do over (and try to do better). Also very much wanted to hear Newcleus's Computer Age again, it's been a few years.

I forgot a bunch of album & EP names while reading off the tracklist at the end, sorry about that. I've started including the tracklist in the lyrics (USLT) tag of the mp3, so you can find links to the albums there. Anyhow I'll be back next week at my usual time with another one, not sure what I'll play yet, but it'll be slower.


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