MTT 278 / Child Of Technology

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MTT278 Spectrogram

Electro, IDM, and downtempo beats rising from 105 to 110. Nothing new this time (that I can see anyway) but a number of old favorites including tracks by DJ Food, Hand Polished, Mas 2008, Newcleus, and YMO.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Inigo Kennedy / Rise Again 00:00
02. Solo / In Flux 01:58
03. DJ Food / Spiral Dub 04:43
04. Bandulu / Bill's Gate 07:41
05. Linus / Stoned, Immaculate 09:49
06. Brothomstates / Adozenaday 12:43
07. Jean Nine / Shina Melanti Dub 16:41
08. Mas 2008 / Journey To Tomorrow 20:29
09. Seefeel / Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) 25:29
10. Nullptr / Many Worlds 29:24
11. Drexciya / Neon Falls 33:08
12. Newcleus / Automan 35:22
13. Beem / Automan 40:27
14. Reeno & Mr. X / T-Time 44:02
15. Yellow Magic Orchestra / Cosmic Surfin' 47:51
16. Hand Polished / One Day Trip In An Elevator 51:42
17. The Sentinel & Miss Memory / R=V/I 56:59

Looking over the list I think the most recent selection here is #10 Many Worlds by Nullptr from their 2016 album Optical on Detroit Underground. Still a great release & holds up nicely, a brilliant start for the Nullptr project.

Three old tracker modules feature in this mix: #2 In Flux by Solo (released on/by Hellven), #5 Stoned, Immaculate by Linus (released on/by Mostvaulableplayaz), and #7 Shina Melanti Dub by Jean Nine (Kyoto Republik). A few fun pieces I've been holding on to, waiting for the right moment.

The inspiration for this set though was Automan by Newcleus and One Day Trip In An Elevator by Hand Polished. I've been meaning to play both of those for a long time; I'm happy to have gotten to them today. (And I'm a little unsure how many phrases I've orrowed from the lyrics of Automan to use as mix names.)

I don't have too much more to say about this one, we have a heat wave coming in the Pacific Northwest and so I felt like running some appropriate music. A little warm, a little funky. Anyway I'll be back again next week at my usual time with another mix. Not sure what it'll be just yet; we'll see what the weather brings.


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