MTT 279 / Mysterious Coastline

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MTT279 Spectrogram

Ambient & vaporwave today. Mostly beatless and chill with the exception of a couple pretty energetic tracks by Coil and Tangerine Dream that make up most of the end of the mix. Some relatively recent selections by my standards, including one new track by //DLM.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Phase 4 Stereo / On Strange Shores 00:00
02. Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza & SkyTwoHigh / New Dawn 02:05
03. Zwart Licht Kommando + DeadTVSociety / 24 Hour Sunlit Day 07:40
04. Metra Vestlud / Runout 07.04 11:30
05. 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖 / Tomorrow, 2096 14:00
06. Rising Sun Systems / Arcane Marine Biology 15:26
07. Weith / Believe Something 19:59
08. Axiom 23 / The Fifth Dimension 21:21
09. Brian Eno / Fractal Zoom (Bucolic Mix) 24:14
10. Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza / Theta Seawash 28:14
11. //DLM / Drifting 32:28
12. Rings Around Saturn / Scrape 35:56
13. Tangerine Dream / Rubycon Pt. 2 38:55
14. Coil / Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night 45:00
15. 仮想夢プラザ / あなたの目で 56:00

The most recent track featured is #11 Drifting by //DLM. That's from the album Caracas, 2408 released on No Problema Tapes (and available name-your-price directly from //DLM). Heavy bass & rain, floaty, thoughtful. The whole album is great, I've been listening to it a lot the last few weeks.

There are two tracks from Brokntoys in the mix: #7 Believe Something by Weith and #12 Scrape by Rings Around Saturn, both released last year. Two tracks from the label Asura Revolver appear as well: #5 Tomorrow, 2096 by 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖 (Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night) and #10 Theta Seawash by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza.

But what I got up to do this morning, the reason I'm playing ambient music this week, is the Rubycon Pt. 2 to Red Birds thing. That exchange, that interplay, separated by almost 25 years, is just magic. Red Birds is one of my favorite Coil (from one of my favorite Coil albums Musick To Play In The Dark Vol 1) & I've been waiting to use it in one of these mixes for years. Rubycon I've spent less time with but is obviously also excellent (and clearly influential).

There was an unfortunate audio playback glitch in Rubycon that I managed to fix with a careful splice. (You might hear me complaining about the glitch at the end, while reading the tracklist). Aside from that I think that's all the notes I have this week. If you like these tracks then check out the albums linked above & please consider supporting the artists. I'll be back with another mix at my regular time, Thursday evening July 7th. Something fast I think.


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