MTT 277 / Distant Solution

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MTT277 Spectrogram

Electro and a little bit of synthpop-y stuff today at a reliable 120. This mix includes one new(ish) track by XY0815 from their Gates Need Inputs Vol. 1 EP on Brokntoys as well as a bunch of old favorites.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Space Dimension Controller / Unidentified Flying Oscillator 00:00
02. Aepiel / Nineteen 80 01:42
03. Scape One / This Immortal 04:46
04. Autopilot / Tun Sie Es Jetzt Pt. 2 08:45
05. Hashim / Chateau Vie (Castle Life) 11:59
06. Voigt Kampff / Asphalt 15:15
07. EMS / VRML 22:07
08. Adam Jay / Cerium 25:08
09. XY0815 / All The Stars 29:12
10. Photodementia / Sporobulus 33:00
11. Kan3da / GBG 35:45
12. Silicon Scally / Walk Over 37:40
13. Maschine Brennt / Electronic Music 41:14
14. Two Lines / Lexo 1000 45:10
15. G.D. Luxxe & Solvent / Quiet Life 48:19
16. Ben Benjamin / Desk Has Been Tabled 52:55
17. Outputmessage / Bernard's Song 55:49

The one new track here is, as mentioned, #9 All The Stars by XY0815 from their Gates Need Inputs Vol. 1 EP on Brokntoys. Gates Need Inputs was first released in 2021 and was recently made available digitally. All The Stars is bouncy, fun, kinda funky, lighthearted. It would've played well at the arcade. I really like XY0815's work and Gates Need Inputs is no exception, check it out at the link above if you haven't heard it.

What I primarily wanted to play this week, what the set started with, is Voigt Kampff's Asphalt, a record I've written about in the past & haven't played for a mix in a few years. It's as good as ever (and combining it with Chateau Vie is nice), really scratched an itch. I wish the rest of the old Panic Trax catalog was available digitally as those records are all good (and I think important).

This one's coming in a bit late due to sleep schedule weirdness. My brain still thinks it's Thursday when it is in fact Friday at 3 AM. But I say that's OK, stressing over it won't help anybody. I'll be back next week (hopefully on Thursday proper this time) with another mix, something slower, a downtempo & electro thing I think.


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