MTT 227 / Noon Disorder

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MTT227 Spectrogram

Fast-ish breaks and electro today, hot weather music and some recent purchases. This one features new tracks by Client_03, Distance, London Modular Alliance, and Overmono.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. London Modular Alliance / Cracked Dice 00:00
  2. Agent Patrick & Shapeshiftr / SW2-Base 04:06
  3. Contactless / Static 08:13
  4. Dynarec / Demographic Solution (Mix 2) 10:49
  5. Insektoid / Absorption 14:07
  6. Scape One / The Red Tea Room 17:56
  7. Mat Carter / Roll-Out To... 21:45
  8. T.E.S.T. / Dark Moment 24:50
  9. Overmono / BMW Track 30:05
  10. Distance / Rotten Funk 34:55
  11. The Dexorcist / Africadub 38:10
  12. Noyeahno / Outsiders 42:09
  13. Imatran Voima / Quad City (Imatran Voima Mixxx) 44:42
  14. Diodes / Best Friend 48:04
  15. Client_03 / Love And Or Hate Trigger 51:49
  16. Danny Daze ft. Jonny From Space / Execute 55:49

So the new tracks here are #1 Cracked Dice by London Modular Alliance from the EP of the same name, #9 BMW Track by Overmono, #10 Rotten Funk by Distance from his album Forgotten Demons (a sort-of sequel to My Demons from 2007), and #15 Love And Or Hate Trigger by Client_03. The Overmono in particular is really good (I expect everybody's heard it by now but I wanted to give it a spin at least once).

There are a couple of recent remasters in this hour, too. #2 SW2-Base by Agent Patrick & Shapeshiftr is from the 1999 Setting The Agenda EP, the first release on Southern Outpost. #7 Roll-Out To... by Mat Carter is from his 2002 Zark Time EP, reissued and remastered in 2019. Both are fantastic and worth a look; I'm sure I'll be playing more from them in the coming weeks and months.

The last note I have here is that I confused the Imatran Voima Mix and the Bass Junkie Mix of Quad City by Imatran Voima while reading the tracklist at the end of the recording. In my defense I copied my info from the CD packaging which gets it wrong too. The tracklist above should be correct (and I've updated the names and tags in my music library).

I'll have another recording up next week Thursday evening as usual, another mix of breaks and electro I think. Summertime stuff.


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