MTT 231 / Deep Pools

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MTT231 Spectrogram

Ambient, some 80 BPM beats, and some drum & bass. A couple of old tracker mods too. The few new tracks in this hour are by Amy Kisnorbo, Ben Businovski, Legowelt, Ogeon, and Skee Mask.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Ogeon / Cloud Forest 00:00
  2. Hex / Surf (Hedfunk Remix) 05:35
  3. Heat Sensor / Fall Into Creek 09:18
  4. Proswell / I Made It With So False 12:48
  5. Gasp / Saddasa Silvia Sings 14:36
  6. Secret Frequency Crew / Magenta 18:30
  7. Hong Kong Express / Shadow Walking 22:48
  8. Legowelt / Acing The Test 25:48
  9. Ben Businovski / Tunnel Glow 29:44
  10. Andrea Parker / Time Zones 34:33
  11. Skee Mask / Glass Museum 38:45
  12. Underworld / Banstyle 42:33
  13. Substance / Digital 46:33
  14. Noldus Rabiatus / i 48:57
  15. LTJ Bukem / Atlantis (I Need You) 54:21
  16. LTJ Bukem / Atlantis (Philip D Kick Footwork Edit) 57:03
  17. Amy Kisnorbo / MUTATE 59:09

I sort of stepped on the first and last tracks in this hour, which is a shame because they're both excellent and from albums I like a lot. Ogeon's Cloud Forest is from their dreamy ambient album Poás, a good listen on a sunny day. Amy Kisnorbo's MUTATE is from her album VOLITION; I think I heard about it through one of Om Unit's SWU FM shows but I can't remember which. Been meaning to play something from VOLITION for months.

There's some confusion about the name of track 4. The file I have is "04002 - rcp - taoru - MADE.IT", titled "I made it with so false", from (available at the EIS Vocab page). Rendered to .flac with modplug the song is 2:05 in length. Both the Internet Archive and Discogs list the song as "I felt it with so false", which appears to be an error. (To make it worse all three sources have different track orders).

The last twenty minutes of this mix came together as a reason to play Noldus Rabiatus's i, a track I had forgotten after rendering it to flac six months ago. I'm not sure where my Noldus collection came from but this track is (thankfully) available through the Modland archive. Stumbled across it while digging through my library and it just felt right today. Plus it gave me a reason to play Bukem's Atlantis for the first time in years.

So this was a pretty weird hour. I feel like I've just scribbled all over a page. All good tracks though, even if I did get in the way of a few of them. I'll be back next week Thursday evening as usual with another mix, probably some Florida bass music for August.


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