MTT 228 / For Once

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MTT228 Spectrogram

Breaks and electro, mid-tempo ~130. A bunch of old selections in here, tracks I've been playing for years. Some new ones too from Anz, Bassbin Twins, Delta Funktionen, Overmono, and Scape One.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. John Beltran / Collage Of Dreams 00:00
  2. Nomadic / Alpha Phix (Andrea Parker Remix) 02:43
  3. Intelligent Concept / Just Get On Down 06:22
  4. Delta Funktionen / Intrusion 10:06
  5. Bassbin Twins / Beats Are King 4 12:56
  6. Dr. Break / Spinnah (Oldskooler Ruffish Cut) 15:16
  7. Matt Whitehead / Raw Deal 20:11
  8. Króm / Painting Textures (Sniper Mode Remix) 23:52
  9. Aril Brikha / Gres 28:04
  10. Overmono / So U Kno 31:23
  11. Knightz Of Bass / Space Invaders 35:20
  12. Burrito Boys / Untitled [AT05 B2] 37:18
  13. Scape One / Tales Of The 808 38:46
  14. UR / Electronic Warfare (Aux 88 Take Control Mix) 41:29
  15. Friction & Spice / Digital Overload 44:41
  16. Anz / Loos In Twos (NRG) 50:03
  17. Alterego / Move Over (Infiniti's Other Side Of Life Mix) 53:14
  18. Electroliners / Loose Caboose 59:21
  19. Meat Beat Manifesto / It's The Music (Mix 2000) 61:32

Let's go through the new (2020 onward) tracks in this hour in order: #4 Intrusion by Delta Funktionen, #5 Beats Are King 4 by the Bassbin Twins, #10 So U Kno by Overmono, #13 Tales Of The 808 by Scape One, and #16 Loos In Twos (NRG) by Anz. I don't think there's a bad track on any of those linked albums. The new Bassbin Twins is particularly exciting to me, breakbeats in the classic Twins style. (And available in digital formats! Which is important 'cause for some reason I've never been able to find Bassbin Twins vinyl.)

Infiniti (Scott Christina)'s remix of Move Over by Alterego AKA DJ X takes up most of the end of this mix. A pretty big track, snare rushes and some trance-y synths in the style of early 2000s Florida breaks. I love it but I don't often get to a spot while mixing where it feels right to play. This turned out to be a good moment as it seems most of Infiniti/Scott Christina's productions are now available online through Junodownload and Beatport (including the famous Children Of The '80s / Running Away). A very welcome change as the used price of some of those records had become unreasonable. (And a digital copy of Move Over is probably going to sound better than the vinyl I found in the used bins at Everyday Music.)

Aside from that annoying busted cable noise at 02:54 and some, uhm, busy sounding track phrasing/mixing this set is pretty good. It gets me moving anyway. But I think that's everything I want to say; I'll be back next week Thursday evening with another mix, something slower, more breaks and electro.


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