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MTT229 Spectrogram

More breaks and electro for the middle of July. Wandering through a few different styles and a couple of decades trying to draw connections. This hour features new tracks from the Bassbin Twins, Bufiman, London Modular Alliance, and Mariska Neerman, plus a bunch of old favorites.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Dune / Asia Mist Garden 00:00
  2. Claudio Solis / Pipio 01:48
  3. Drexciya / Song Of The Green Whale 04:55
  4. London Modular Alliance / Lemon Mishap 08:18
  5. Silicon Scally / Thermal Image 11:50
  6. Mitch Murder / Outta Space 16:17
  7. Mariska Neerman / Finding Our Way Back Home 19:37
  8. DMX Krew / Holding Pattern 23:51
  9. Nubian Minds / Highway Cruising 26:44
  10. The Egyptian Lover / Computer Love (Sweet Dreams) 30:09
  11. Intelligent Concept / Keep Da' Groove 32:46
  12. Bufiman / Members Of Warning Theme 36:46
  13. Mat Carter / 7 Zark 7 44:23
  14. Ikonika / Nobody 47:07
  15. Bassbin Twins / Beats Are King 2 49:54
  16. Jega / Oak Hanger 52:48
  17. Xhale / 7-6 Beat Edit 57:52

So a couple of new tracks this hour: #4 Lemon Mishap by London Modular Alliance from their album Cracked Dice, #7 Finding Our Way Back Home by Mariska Neerman from her EP of the same name, #12 Members Of Warning Theme by Bufiman from the WAR1201 split, and #15 Beats Are King 2 by the Bassbin Twins. All great and worth your time; I've been listening to Neerman's Finding Our Way Back Home EP a lot since I picked it up last month.

I made a small mistake while reading the tracklist at the end of this show: Jega's Oak Hanger is from 1997, not the early '90s. I should've remembered as it's one of my favorite Jega tracks, and I love most of Card Hore. A terrific EP that everybody should hear (and is thankfully available through

Sorry for the uneven volume levels in this one, the mastering and loudness of these tracks vary a lot. That's always a problem and I usually do OK, but this time I'm not satisfied with the result. (I should pay more attention to my ears and less to the VU meters.)

That's it for this week; I'll be back next Thursday evening, 2021/07/22, with another mix. Something slow and relaxed I think.


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