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MTT321 Spectrogram

Dub & dub techno today featuring a bunch of tracks from the Heavy Dub compilations on Cold Tear Records and old favorites by Autechre and Deadbeat.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖 / Solace 00:00
02. Mikrokristal / Germ Of Waking Up 02:14
03. Versa / Neurogenesis 05:37
04. Liuos / Ease Off 10:07
05. Monodisc / Nacht 14:57
06. Giriu Dvasios / Misko Regis 19:23
07. Zwart Licht Kommando / Fluid Dynamics 23:49
08. Heavenchord / Rhythm & Sound 27:45
09. Pugilist / Illusion Of Time 32:42
10. Giriu Dvasios ft. Paulius Soham / Taika 36:06
11. Noda & Wolfers / ダブの原型 Archetypes In Dub 40:02
12. Minimal Boffin / Particles In Rhythmus 44:22
13. Autechre / Basscadet (BasscadubMX) 49:27
14. Deadbeat / Kezia 55:31
15. Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza & SkyTwoHigh / Melancholy Dream Sequence 59:15

Around half the selections in this mix come from the Heavy Dub series of compilations on Cold Tear Records. Specifically tracks #5 and #8 come from Heavy Dub 1, #12 comes from Heavy Dub 5, #2 and #6 are from Heavy Dub 7, and finally #4 and #10 are from Heavy Dub 8. The latest of those, Heavy Dub 8, was released just last month for Cold Tear's 13th birthday. I think these are really excellent comps so if you're into dub or dub techno then check 'em out at the links above.

There's two interesting recent outliers here I'd like to talk about. Track #3 Neurogenesis by Versa is from the MHVA1 compilation on Modern Hypnosis, a three-track EP of great 120 / 60 dub techno released in 2020. Track #9 Illusion Of Time by Pugilist is from a two-tracker of hazy warm dub techno again at around 120 / 60, this one released in 2022. Both worth a look IMO.

The end of this mix is largely two tracks: Autechre's dub mix of Basscadet, and Deadbeat's Kezia from their 2002 album Wild Life Documentaries. Both long-time favorites of mine (and quite difficult to mix together, at least for me). Wild Life Documentaries in particular is fantastic. Clicky and dubby and textured. An album I love to put on while doing work that requires a lot of concentration. Can't recommend it enough.

And that's all I have to say about this one I think; another show for a rainy spring day. Consult the links above if you like what you hear & want to locate and/or purchase an individual track or release. I'll be back next week with another mix, another slow one probably, more music for spring.


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