MTT 322 / Faint Structure

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MTT322 Spectrogram

A grab bag show to close out April. Beats, IDM, tracker music, etc. at around 100 BPM. This one features a new piece by SkyTwoHigh, a few bits from the Tokyo Dawn tracker catalog, and a bunch of old favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. The War Against The Sun / Alkaline Waters 00:00
02. Higher Intelligence Agency / Elapse 04:52
03. Michna / Swiss Glide 08:33
04. Voigt Kampff / Plonk (Son Of Dump) 11:22
05. SkyTwoHigh / Inner City Killers 16:01
06. Metamatics / 8 Bit Caravan 20:50
07. Richard H. Kirk / Reality Net 25:00
08. Necros / River Boat 29:06
09. Looza / Noddin' 32:23
10. Silicon [of Tokyo Dawn] / Only The Time 35:38
11. Mrs Jynx ft. iAM9 / Cwishes 37:11
12. Jean-Paul Bondy / Delia's Temptation 40:37
13. Soul Oddity / Cruxx 44:40
14. Mefis & Assign / Estelle 49:26
15. Orbital / Adnan's 53:01
16. Anthony Rother / Zukunft 59:45

The one new track this hour is #5 Inner City Killers by SkyTwoHigh from their album of the same name released last month on No Problema Tapes. Chunky, slow, textured beats; vaporwave influenced to varying degrees. I haven't spent much time with the album yet but it seems cool to me.

Tracks #9 Noddin' by Looza, #10 Only The Time by Silicon (not any of the artists named Silicon I've played before, I think), and #14 Estelle by Mefis & Assign are all from the old Tokyo Dawn tracker mod catalog. The last of those is particularly interesting to me because it clearly samples parts (drums) from the next track in this set, Adnan's by Orbital. I'm not sure that combination, that mix, totally works (I had to run Estelle about a semitone down) but it was fun to try.

I got a very late start on this mix - I've been up overnight, it's just about light outside this Friday morning - so I'm gonna leave the notes there. There are a lot of favorites here: HIA, Michna, Soul Oddity, and so on. As always check the links above if you hear something you like and want to find its source.

I'll be back next week with another mix, hopefully on Thursday evening this time. Probably something fast; will have to think about it a bit.


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