MTT 320 / Stare Blindly

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MTT320 Spectrogram

Electro right around ~130 today. One new(ish) track by Vektorspace, a few old tracks from Brokntoys and CPU Records, and (of course) a bunch of old favorites.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Rings Around Saturn / Online Spectre 00:00
02. Reedale Rise / The Healer 04:25
03. 96 Back / 085 07:52
04. Autopilot / Electro Pamphlet 11:48
05. Mariska Neerman / Fresh Eyes (Shawescape RMX) 16:36
06. Koova / Resus 21:17
07. Elecktroids / Midnight Drive 25:02
08. CYWU / Before Confusion 28:47
09. Scape One / Proton Storm 31:37
10. Microslav / Frequent Flyer 35:04
11. Composite Profuse / CRC666 38:46
12. CYBEREIGN / Acid Tone 43:26
13. NULLPTR / Mesospheric Cruise 46:16
14. Vektorspace / Biohacker 50:25
15. Gosub / The Rain Comes Down (Dcast Dynamics Mix) 53:31
16. Delayscape / Cutting Edges 58:38

The two tracks from Brokntoys are #1 Online Spectre by Rings Around Saturn and #6 Resus by Koova. The two from CPU are #3 085 by 96 Back and #13 Mesospheric Cruise by NULLPTR. The one new (2023) track here is #14 Biohacker by Vektorspace from their album Technophilia. (I forgot the name of that one while reading off the tracklist, sorry about that).

Track two The Healer by Reedale Rise is from their 2018 Archivist II compilation. That's a very good comp, lush and smooth, 120 to 130 BPM or around there. Looking back I've included a lot of tracks from Archivist II in mixes for this series, over half the comp I think. Something about the tone of it feels right for spring & summer. If you're unfamiliar with it or haven't heard it in a while then check it out.

That'll do for notes today I think. Check the links above if you want to locate, hear more from, or possibly purchase any of these releases. I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower I think.


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