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MTT319 Spectrogram

Electro up in the 140s this week. Quick. This mix features tracks by Aux 88, Ectomorph, Mat Carter, NTHR1, Plant43, Reptant, and more. (Mostly older selections this time).

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Lowdown Operation / Under The Radar 00:00
02. CYWU / Dimensional Contract 03:01
03. dvidevat / Apropos 06:29
04. NTHR1 / I'll Be Missing You 10:17
05. Plant43 / Radiant Flux 15:26
06. Mat Carter / Metroid Run 20:07
07. Ectomorph / The Last Days Of Skylab 24:05
08. Reptant / Lizard Of Oz 27:51
09. Radioactive Man vs. Luke Dumbstruck / Acid Shelf 31:43
10. Nulla / S.L.C. 35:41
11. Fastgraph / VSAT 39:40
12. Gab.Gato / Scanner Darkly 43:33
13. Aux 88 / Interstellar Funk 47:10
14. Perception / Mirage 50:28
15. Skee Mask / Portal Perc 55:11

At a glance the most recent track here is #15 Portal Perc by Skee Mask, released four months ago. Next on the list are three pieces from 2021: #4 I'll Be Missing You by NTHR1 and numbers 3 and 10 from the 068/078-1 by dvidevat & Nulla respectively on Kamizdat. Smooth, fast electro on those latter two releases, very much worth a look if you like the selections in this mix.

The goal this set was to perform the Interstellar Funk to Mirage transition you can hear around the 50:20 mark. That's a combination I first tried back in MTT 102 and have wanted to do again for a while. Both tracks are amazing of course, I doubt anyone needs me to tell them that. I love the pads on Aux 88's Interstellar Funk, and Perception's Mirage is a genuine classic. And there's a fun coincidence here that Interstellar Funk leads into a track from Interstellar Fugitives.

That's about all I have to say today I think (need to get to sleep). These tracks (and albums!) are all really good & are available at the links above. I'll be back next week with another mix, probably something fast again, not sure what the list will look like yet.


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