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MTT318 Spectrogram

Some slower tunes today, 80 BPM ambient and IDM, sometimes smooth, sometimes crunchy. This one features new tracks by Barking and Skee Mask as well as a couple old ones from Portland label Buried In Time.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 / 蒸気涙 00:00
02. J. Wiltshire / Resa 03:35
03. Coldcut / Mindfood 07:35
04. Voigt Kampff / Eulogizing The Arcane World Of 11:35
05. DeepWoods / Heavy Rain 16:11
06. Dogon / Knocking On Through 19:53
07. Micronaut / Remoter 23:24
08. Ignatius / Lightsaberpolitics 27:54
09. Gasp / Porter Goss 32:00
10. Bola / Pfane pt2 35:33
11. edIT / Dex 38:51
12. Access To Arasaka / 00xfroc4 42:49
13. Barking / Sycophant 46:30
14. Skee Mask / JPP263 50:36
15. Ian o'Brien / Dark Eye Tango 56:30

The two new tracks here are #13 Sycophant by Barking from their self-titled EP for Brokntoys and #14 JPP263 by Skee Mask from their compilation B, both releases from 2022. The Barking I need to spend more time with (it very good) and the Skee Mask comp I really like (it works well as an album). Both are worth a listen at the links above.

Two tracks from the local Portland label Buried In Time feature in this mix, #8 Lightsaberpolitics by Ignatius from his 2007 Halocline EP and #9 Porter Goss by Gasp from their album If Only the Cold Morning was Warm as Us by Night also from 2007. Twisty, experimental electronics and heady beats. Good stuff. I've had CD copies of these forever but rarely play them in mixes, an oversight I should correct.

That's all the notes I've got right now I think. This one is coming in a bit late because I've been busy testing movement code in Quake (in other words I've been playing video games). I'll be back next week with another mix, something fast, hopefully at my usual time Thursday evening.


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