MTT 236 / Some Observers

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MTT236 Spectrogram

Fast breaks and electro, 140, playing new(ish) tracks by Client_03, Paradox, Parand, and Sbassship. Letting a few tracks run long this week.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Gottfried Y. Leibniz / Pathway Beyond The Logic Gate 00:00
  2. Scape One / Galaxy Of Funk 04:10
  3. MMT-8 / Never Been To Bristol 07:18
  4. Client_03 / Protection Service Provider 10:22
  5. NULLPTR / Phantom Cell 13:24
  6. Gucci Bass / Take Me To Your Leader 18:04
  7. Reverie / Neon Woodland 21:34
  8. Paradox / Proceed 25:01
  9. London Modular Alliance / Tinker 28:27
  10. Trance Remix / Cybergenics 32:21
  11. Silicon Scally / Informatics 36:15
  12. Lloyd Stellar / Abduction 40:53
  13. Parand / Transmetropolitan (KafkaCtrl's Noir Vision Remix) 45:03
  14. TFHats / &roid 48:18
  15. Sbassship / The Beast 52:30
  16. Nulla / Lenticular 55:59

New tracks this hour ("new" being 2021 and later) include #4 Protection Service Provider by Client_03, #8 Proceed by Paradox, #13 Transmetropolitan (KafkaCtrl's Remix) by Parand, and #15 The Beast by Sbassship. That Paradox single on Sneaker Social Club is super good, I've got a release or two from his Paradox Music label and this is that same quality but at 140.

Track #15 The Beast is the first new piece of music I've heard from Sbassship in years. It's tough stuff, loud and a little noisy. I'm glad to hear that the signature Sbassship sound lives on. I've been trying to include it in a mix for months and only just got there now. Be sure to check out the rest of that release too, the 11:11 Fundamental Compilation on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, the whole thing is great.

This one's OK, there was a bad buffer-glitch noise from my digital player I had to fix and some of the volume levels are mismatched (mixing old vinyl and new digital can be tricky). But it's cool, the tracks are all good. I'll be back next week at my usual time, Thursday evening, with another upload. Something slower.


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