MTT 239 / One Day Trip

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MTT239 Spectrogram

Downtempo, electro, and IDM, all weighing in at around 110. Mostly older tracks this time, familiar selections.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. XY0815 / Cygonic System 00:00
  2. DJ R21 / Sky Drift 02:31
  3. Docta Gee / Static Cuba 05:36
  4. Plaid / Android 09:30
  5. Higher Intelligence Agency / Thirteen 13:41
  6. Clatterbox / Allegro 18:05
  7. Axiom 23 / Higher Communication (Hyper Script) 22:06
  8. Funkymuskrat / Odyssey 25:48
  9. Xhale / Particle Tea Can 28:22
  10. Holger Flinsch / Doowkrad 31:46
  11. XY0815 / Salman Bronkhorst 36:12
  12. Karl Biscuit / Hiérophone (Avalon Remix) 39:29
  13. Aux 88 / I Need To Find Myself 42:46
  14. Prime Dominance / Theme Of Swift Rock (Sbassship Encryption Mix) 45:13
  15. üNN / Poison 48:40
  16. Autechre / The Egg 51:31
  17. Drøn / Planear 57:32

Three tracks from Elektrolux (and/or its sublabel Mikrolux) appear in this hour: #10 Regayov by Holger Flinsch, #15 Poison by üNN, and #17 Planear by Drøn. Some of the Elektrolux catalog is available at Beatport and Junodownload, same with Mikrolux (at Beatport and Junodownload). I return to the Elektrolux & Mikrolux releases I have pretty often and can't recommend them enough.

Track #6 has been released under a few different names. The old copy of Project Unison I have credits it as Allegro produced by Clatterbox. The digital version I linked to above lists the song as Her Face In The Autumn Sun by Circus Mind. The difference here appears to be that my copy was released on Neo Ouija and the one available online was released on Hydrogen Dukebox. A little confusing, but no big deal. The music is the same on both releases of the album.

And that's what I've got this installment. A combination of things delayed the release of this mix - finicky equipment, an uncooperative brain, exhaustion, etc. . I'll do my best to return with the next mix at my regular time (the evening of Thursday September 30th).


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