MTT 238 / Wherever You Go

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MTT238 Spectrogram

115-120 electro, IDM, and techno today. A bit relaxed. A couple old tunes from TRUST and Vortex Traks, and a new one from dbacon.

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  1. Franck Kartell / Unalaska Island 00:00
  2. dbacon / HACJ Thurs 04:10
  3. Nachtzug / Unspoken 1 06:56
  4. Micronaut / Codec 11:32
  5. DJ Glow / Future Control 14:48
  6. Kan3da / Dancing Data 17:05
  7. Lok44 / Ghetto Of The Mind 21:27
  8. Metamatics / I Love You (Huh) (Metamatics Flowing Mathematics) 23:51
  9. Aril Brikha / Ottil 27:19
  10. Reedale Rise / Tribute To You 33:05
  11. Reference / Ghetto Nebula 37:52
  12. Lego Feet / Leaves On The Line [Part 1 Track 2] 44:17
  13. Supreems / Close Your Eyes And Feel 46:57
  14. Skee Mask / Routine 50:57
  15. Darren Price / Things Change 54:16
  16. User18081971 / 12 Rough Beat Tune 58:31

Track #5 Future Control by DJ Glow and #7 Ghetto Of The Mind by Lok44 are both from the excellent electro label TRUST. Track #3 Unspoken 1 by Nachtzug and #6 Dancing Data by Kan3da are from Vortex Traks. The TRUST tunes are older, late '90s early 2000s; the two Vortex Traks are from the last five years. Don't have much to say about them - they're great of course - but I like to highlight when I play more than one track from a label.

The one new track in this hour is #2 HACJ Thurs by dbacon from their Half-arsed Cupboard Jams 2. I like these cupboard releases a lot, faded techno sketches by Dave Paton AKA Being AKA The Wee DJs. Cupboards forever.

This is being written in more of a hurry than usual as I have a lot of disassembly and packing left to do tonight and don't have much time. Thanks for listening, check out the albums linked above, and I'll be back with another mix next week Thursday evening as usual (equipment willing).


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