MTT 209 / Dim Landscapes

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MTT209 Spectrogram

Wandering through some slow beats to end the month. Downtempo, IDM, a little footwork.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Delarosa And Asora / Smaze Words 00:00
  2. Phoenecia / Yamuna 04:01
  3. Push Button Objects / FM Science 07:48
  4. Luke Vibert / Music Called Jazz 09:49
  5. La Funk Mob / Ravers Suck Our Sound 11:41
  6. The Future Sound Of London / We Have Explosive (Pt. 3) 14:50
  7. Jens Buchert / Sunrider 18:47
  8. Legowelt / Arcade Breeze (Living In The Rain) 22:50
  9. Chris Hülsbeck / Turrican 2 Ending (Paul Blackford Remix) 26:53
  10. Hong Kong Express ft. Shima33 / Island Side Drift 29:39
  11. Legowelt / Buying ZIPdisks In Memphis 33:29
  12. Vaperror / Krystal GB 36:29
  13. Fran Jazzco / Don't Quit 39:08
  14. Crossfire / Laid Back N Coolin 42:44
  15. Coco Bryce / Chrystalize 44:56
  16. Dagobert / Der Mars 47:08
  17. DJ Shadow / Midnight In A Perfect World 51:19
  18. Meat Beat Manifesto / We Done 55:51
  19. Gyoza District / Strange Monday 57:40

As mentioned at the beginning of the recording: two tracks (Smaze Words and Yamuna) are from the label Schematic Music Company, two (numbers 8 and 11) are from Legowelt's album Tips For Life, and two (Don't Quit by Fran Jazzco and Laid Back N Coolin by Crossfire) are from the Juke World Order compilations on Juke Underground. Also I just noticed the two tracks from Mo Wax: number 5 Ravers Suck Our Sound from the Headz compilation, and of course number 17 Midnight In A Perfect World by DJ Shadow from his essential album Endtroducing.

I love the slow tracks on Tips For Life - Acing The Test, Arcade Breeze, Buying ZIPdisks In Memphis, Life Goals Fading Away, Sinister Never Deceives. Arcade Breeze was on Legowelt's first Memphis Rap mix (if I remember correctly), and I'm very happy he put it out on Tips For Life. I wish I could've played it at the arcade.

The last track of this mix is Strange Monday by Gyoza District, from their 2019 album Voyage Agency on Adhesive Sounds. I've listened to Voyage Agency a lot over the last year, and it always cheers me up, always makes me feel better. Chill, slow, thoughtful beats. I think it's a really well-made well-paced album. Check it out if the bit I didn't talk over caught your ear.

There's some odd timing to the fades and the phrasing in this mix (it's not my best performance), I hope nobody minds too much. It's been a tough week. This is the final episode of MTT year 4; next week will mark the beginning of year 5. I think I'll play something four-on-the-floor for a change of pace. Techno and/or dub techno for the springtime. Will return with that on March 4th.


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