MTT 207 / Deflection

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MTT207 Spectrogram

An hour of noisy glitchy electro, featuring a bunch of tracks from Pyramid Transmissions and Touchin' Bass. This is a sort of re-work of MTT No. 050 / Nu Groove, an older episode from three years ago.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Vaeinoe / Cloudberry Dawn 00:00
  2. Ion Driver / Deliberate Distortion 02:25
  3. TwoFourteen / Slatter Jatter 05:34
  4. Ignatius / Gridpit (BOT23's Piggrits Remix) 09:30
  5. Mariel Ito / Form Function 12:26
  6. Logreybeam / Formfollowsfunction 17:25
  7. Trichome / Randy Bulbz 20:24
  8. RD / Numem 26:14
  9. Kamikaze Space Programme / Cel 28:58
  10. Sigma Algebra / Tet 33:11
  11. Doctor Evil / Dryer 37:08
  12. Tactical Systems / Quadratic Form 41:26
  13. Senor Frio / Scran 44:24
  14. Pal Secam Kids / Flatblock 209 47:34
  15. IX / Jaguar Spirit 50:32
  16. ADJ / Kronik Subsonica 54:58
  17. Kung Fu Jesus / Amen.. & Then Some 57:04

Four tracks from Touchin' Bass appear in this mix: #6 FormfollowsFunction by Logreybeam, #8 Numem by RD, #11 Dryer by Doctor Evil, and #15 Jaguar Spirit by IX. Formfollowsfunction and Dryer are both from Doctor Evil's Ritual EP, a great bass-heavy record I've had forever and never known when to play. Doctor Evil is an alias for Ben Milstein, a terrific local pacific northwest producer and DJ. If you have a chance to see him perform live don't miss it.

Track #3 Slatter Jatter by TwoFourteen, #13 Scran by Senor Frio, and #15 Kronik Subsonica by ADJ are all from the label Pyramid Transmissions. Slatter Jatter and Kronik Subsonica are both from the Alternative Networks EPs, number 2 and 1 respectively. Scran is from the label sampler available free at their bandcamp. It's worth mentioning that IX and ADJ are both aliases of Andy Jaggers, one of the founders of Pyramid (according to discogs, anyway).

Trichome's Randy Bulbz is the most recent track here, from their album Cognitive Dissonance released last year on Schematic. That whole album is as good as Randy Bulbz, which is to say excellent. I didn't want to interrupt it so I let it run long in this mix. Definitely check out the rest of the album if you like Bulbz.

This mix is pretty good, there's some mismatched phrasing, some level problems, a moment or two where the beats don't quite agree, but that's OK. The Touchin' Bass tracks and the Pal Secam Kids track are from old vinyl and might sound a bit worn out; I might need to clean those or get new needles.

I'll be back next week with another mix, uploaded Thursday evening as usual. I'll play something slower, but I'm not sure what. Shoutout to Bot23 and Senor Frio, hope you gents are doing well.


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