MTT 206 / Low Light

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MTT206 Spectrogram

A fast grab-bag set featuring new(ish) tracks from CYWU, Ikonika, NULLPTR, and a piece from the new compilation on Fundamental Bass Intelligence.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Seal Bient / Runout 06.06 00:00
  2. Juswan / QB41 02:00
  3. Sonar Base / Before The Storm 05:16
  4. Clatterbox / Vector Model 08:33
  5. Adam Jay / Tempus Malum 11:22
  6. Velocs / Beam Transform 14:25
  7. Carlos Sicrock / Portales 17:03
  8. Morphogenetic / Reprogram Reality 20:34
  9. DJ T-1000 / Outer Drive (DJ Di'jital Remix) 24:34
  10. CYWU / Unending Glaciers 27:52
  11. NULLPTR / Arrowhead 31:23
  12. Low Orbit Satellite / Flying Steel 35:09
  13. Syncopix / Double Drag [33RPM] 38:26
  14. Contactless / Downpour 42:39
  15. Ikonika / Bodied (Roller Mix) 45:31
  16. Markone / Rain Dance 49:31
  17. NULLPTR / Wave Cannon 53:03
  18. Sorrow / Guardian 57:32

The two NULLPTR tracks are both from their excellent album Future World out last year on CPU. I love the three Nullptr releases I have (two on CPU, one on Detroit Underground) and of those I think Future World is my favorite. Discogs tells me that Nullptr used to release as Bovaflux, so I'll have to pick up some of those releases too. I imagine everybody knows by now but just in case: Future World is terrific and you should check it out.

Track 7 Portales by Carlos Sicrock is from the new 11:11 Fundamental Compilation on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, out just a couple weeks ago. I'm a fan of FBI - I have their first three releases on vinyl, and I love Máquinas Deseantes by Sbles3plex. So when I saw Electric Kingdom's review of the Fundamental Comp I was excited to hear it, and it does not disappoint. Stellar lineup, great tracks, just a fantastic comp. (The track after Portales in this mix is also FBI, their first release, The Principles by Morphogenetic, also very good).

Track 10 Unending Glaciers by CYWU is also pretty new, from their Dimensional Contract LP out a couple months ago on Lunar Orbiter Program. I haven't had much time to dig into this one but I like it a lot. Groovy space electro, music for your vacation to the moon.

Track 15 Bodied (Roller Mix) by Ikonika from their Bodies EP is a recent purchase, one I'm glad I found. The EP is somewhere in the lineage of UK bass music (something I don't know much about) and it's more-or-less compatible with electro in rhythm and tempo. Bodied is the toughest track on the release and I've got it pitched up about +6% in this mix so give the original a listen at the link above.

I'm writing this in a hurry once again so I'll close here. There's more weirdness in this hour (track 13 is one side of an old Drum & Bass two-track 12" played at 33 RPM, track 16 is one of the few pieces of early dubstep / UK garage I own), but that's all I have time to say. I'll be back next week at my usual time (Thursday evening) with another mix. Something slower.


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