MTT 144 / Save The Whale

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MTT144 Spectrogram

Ambient, IDM, and synth-y stuff. Beats for a very tired Thanksgiving evening.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Rings Around Saturn / Saturnine 00:00
  2. Micronaut / Metatrak 02:09
  3. Dabrye / Making It Pay 07:50
  4. D'Arcangelo / Elix 10:41
  5. Jega / Geometry 15:08
  6. The Volt Per Octaves / Science 19:29
  7. Metamatics / Toy Toy 23:11
  8. Rashida Prime / {digital dungeon} 28:53
  9. Occult Orientated Crime / Rodrigo Syntese System 30:45
  10. Newworldaquarium / Introduction 36:07
  11. San.Dra / No Signal In Paradise 38:07
  12. Future Sound Of London / Antique Toy 43:02
  13. Neotropic / Feelin' Remote 46:50
  14. Galaxy Toobin' / Toobin' Theme 54:12

Neotropic's Feelin' Remote is my highlight this week. It's from the White Rabbits LP, which I also featured back in MTT074. Love the bell sounds, the harmonica, the nice organ / pad / string sounds... White Rabbits is an album that's grown on me over the years. I wasn't ready for it in 2004; now I love it.

These tracks are all good, though. From Jega's classic Geometry through Legowelt's Rodrigo Syntese System to the very end with the Galaxy Toobin' Gang's Toobin' Theme. ("Contains hit song TOOBIN' THEME", the cover of the digital version tells me.)

This was a slow show, lots of long tracks. Something to relax to after a hard couple of days. Not sure what I'll do next week; probably something fast.


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