MTT 148 / Backwards & Forwards

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MTT148 Spectrogram

A bonus tracker mod show for the end of 2019. Many of these tracks are repeats from previous MTT episodes, but I've never lined them all up in one place like this.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix.

  1. Basehead / Earthrise 00:00
  2. Sojagga / Sway 07:16
  3. Reed / Turquoise 10:04
  4. SSDS / Dirty-pearl 12:52
  5. Norfair / Paranoid High 15:33
  6. Shrine / Veins 2 19:40
  7. Xerxes / Confuse Me 22:10
  8. RS3 / Optic Embrace 25:41
  9. Necros / Amber Poison 30:06
  10. Darkhalo / Ebb Tide 33:35
  11. Jama / Syltty Kontrol 37:07
  12. Daze / Luminette 40:53
  13. Radix / Yuki Satellites 43:16
  14. Sape / Juuri Näin. 47:01
  15. RS3 / Ray 49:45
  16. Rb387 / Calm Sounds... and piano. 56:10

A couple of different tracker groups (and/or netlabels) are represented in this mix: Five Musicians (track 1 and 9), Hellven (tracks 7 and 8), and Milk (tracks 6 and 12). I've written about Hellven before; I'll write a similar article about Milk, once I finish going through their catalog. It's pretty strange stuff.

Optic Embrace by RS3 comes from Hellven release #024 "Phases Of Identity". It's a single-file release (PHASES.IT) containing seven tracks, all at 170/85. Refraction Reprise, the RS3 track from last week, is the final track of the release. It's a good EP; if you've got a tracker handy give it a listen.

But the real reason for this hour is to play Yuki Satellites. I was digging through my mods and realized I hadn't listened to it in a while. It appears Radix (AKA Rymdlego) has a youtube channel, complete with a nice video of FT2 running Yuki Satellites. The .xm file itself is available at modarchive, linked above. Go get it because it's awesome.

And that'll do it for December, for 2019, for this decade. It feels right to end the year with some slow late '90s mods. I'll be back next week with... something, I'm not sure. Space-y electro, probably.


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