MTT 124 / Summer Scape

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MTT124 Spectrogram

It's been a warm and humid week, so I pulled a stack of techno and wandered through it for an hour.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. John Beltran / Soft Summer 00:00
  2. Convextion / Astrum 02:30
  3. D5 / Floatation Tank 07:51
  4. Dark Matrix / Untitled [LSF007 C3] 13:11
  5. Jason Fine / Midwest B 17:05
  6. Mike Huckaby / Wavetable No. 9 20:01
  7. Aril Brikha / On And On 25:22
  8. Drox / Moonlight Dub (Dawn Mix) 28:54
  9. Tracey / Outcome 33:51
  10. Paris (Black Fu) / Black In The Green 38:51
  11. Digitek / Detroit After Dark 41:14
  12. Jeff Mills / Solid Sleep 44:25
  13. Model 500 / I Wanna Be There (Edit) 47:11
  14. Metroplex Social Club / Hubble (Original Mix) 50:00
  15. Kit Clayton / Belt Frictional Problem 55:33

My first highlight is Too Many Clowns (Not Enough Jokers), which is featured in this mix as tracks 10 and 15. It's the first 12" on Throw, a sublabel of Twilight 76. Every track on this thing excellent, including DJ Godfather's locked grooves. But the dark Black In The Green and the slippery Belt Frictional Problem stand above the rest.

Tracey's Outcome EP is another release I'll recommend this week. It's a great electro four-tracker with some varied and interesting production. I had to slow down the track included in this mix by a lot, so check the link above to hear its original form.

Drox's Pitch The System EP, represented here by Moonlight Dub (Dawn Mix), is my third recommendation. It's a sweet compilation of proper electro and techno tracks, and is currently available for free at Drox's bandcamp. He also has music out on a label called Analog Cabin, and appears on the Southern Outpost / Datadisk System Updates EP, which I've played before on this show.

There's always more to talk about - Mike Huckaby's excellent Life With The Wave, the Metroplex Social Club 12" on Puzzlebox, D5 and old Delsin. But I've got to stop somewhere. Good tracks, loose mixing this week.


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