MTT 114 / Penalty Dream

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MTT114 Spectrogram

Fast electro for an aggro mood. I've been watching too many Quake videos.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Scape One / Halcyon Drift 00:10
  2. DJ R21 / Flight 03:51
  3. DMX Krew / Emerging Technology (RMX) 08:57
  4. Imatran Voima vs. Bass Junkie / Quad City (Imatran Voima Mixxx) 12:59
  5. Grow / Last City On Earth 17:16
  6. Boris Divider / Master Model 20:53
  7. E.M.S. / By Your Command 24:52
  8. Morphogenetic / Alright 29:18
  9. The Exaltics / Things Fall Apart 33:29
  10. Heuristic Audio / Realistic Tradition 36:44
  11. Boris Divider / Ready For The Fight 40:47
  12. Sniper Mode / Life Under The Strobe Light 43:49
  13. Sbassship / Pre-Existent Future 46:35
  14. TRV / Unlimited Power 49:53
  15. Lowfish / Burn The Lights Out 55:25
  16. DJ Overdose / Drift Away 58:33

Three tracks from the great Satamile Records, two from the third Dalekovod comp on Crobot Muzik, two from Boris Divider, and a diverse selection of 2000s electro to round out the list. Nothing fancy here, just grabbing tunes and rocking out.

My highlight this week is tracks 13 and 14, both by the excellent Sbassship. Pre-Existent Future is from his release on MAS 2008's label Electronic Corporation. Unlimited Power, released under the TRV alias, is from the Technical Remove Viewing EP on Dominance Electricity. The TRV record in particular is just blistering. Very good, very tough stuff.

This show is fine, for an improvised set. There's a sudden jump in volume at 46:35 when Pre-Existent Future comes in, but that's the only serious mistake. I'm warming up for summer, so expect some more fast music next week.


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