MTT 117 / Two Then Four

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MTT117 Spectrogram

Electro, IDM, and techno (?), more mellow than the last few weeks.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. XY0815 / 16mBit 00:00
  2. Nullptr / Amsler Grid 02:37
  3. Darin Marshall / Sibilance 05:43
  4. Ainu / EV-909 10:17
  5. Chris Randall / drt_895r (Corbin Davis Remix) 12:46
  6. Dagobert / Bionic Two 17:03
  7. XY0815 / 16mBit (Robyrt Hecht Remix) 20:29
  8. Novamen / We Love 23:24
  9. Scape One / One Step From Earth 28:13
  10. Space Dimension Controller / Space Dimension Controller 31:09
  11. DMX Krew / Bel 189 Trax 34:37
  12. Photodementia / WR7 37:45
  13. Microslav / Köln 39:21
  14. Metamatics / Ying Yang Mang 43:05
  15. Pawel / Muscles 45:45
  16. üNN / Life (üNN Remix) 48:13
  17. Silicon Scally / The Love Inside 53:23

No plan here, just wandering through some ~120 BPM electro and IDM I like. The tracks by Novamen, Nullptr, and XY0815 stand out to me on a second listen. Nullptr's album Optical in particular is excellent. Silicon Scally's fantastic The Love Inside, from his 2002 album Mr. Machine, is also worth a mention (and a strong recommendation). I'm sorry I talked over the end of it; should've paced the last ~10 minutes a little better.

More detail about the FreeBSD 12 ntpd issue I mentioned in the intro can be found in this thread on the FreeBSD forums. The fix was to add an 'ntpd' user, rebuild the password database, and change permissions on the files in /var/db/ntp. I also had to remove a stale file in that same db directory. No big deal.


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