MTT 296 / Just A Dream?

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MTT296 Spectrogram

Ambient & vaporwave music to close out October 2022. This mix features 7 (!) tracks from the Restless Dreams: A Tribute To Silent Hill compilation on No Problema Tapes as well as a particularly long piece by Scarletron near the end.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Eternal Tegucigalpa Spring / 21 Sacraments 00:00
02. Squadra Blanco / A Gentle Murder 01:58
03. Annechoic / Ka 06:20
04. Mick Woods / Signals 10:04
05. Forbidden Souls / The Twin Victim 12:29
06. ad realiōra / Special Place 15:23
07. Cabaret Voltaire / Theme From Doublevision 19:00
08. //DLM / Around The Corner 22:18
09. Sangam / Room 302 25:09
10. J. Wiltshire / Same Thing Twice 29:00
11. Lucid Sound Driver / Blood Colored Rust 32:21
12. Tim Six / Pyramidhead's Realm 35:27
13. NNYNYX / Slipgate 41:52
14. Nine Inch Nails / Parallel Dimensions [Slipgate Complex] 43:30
15. Scarletron / Coron Data Memory Maps 1-40 48:15
16. Josh Walund / Demise 60:00

Nearly half of this mix is from the Halloween 2021 Restless Dreams: A Tribute To Silent Hill compilation released on No Problema Tapes. Specifically tracks #1 21 Sacraments, #5 The Twin Victim, #6 Special Place, #8 Around The Corner, #9 Room 302, #11 Blood Colored Rust, and #12 Pyramidhead's Realm are all sourced from that comp. If you like any of those pieces then I recommend flipping through the whole comp, there's a lot of great tunes that didn't make it into this hour.

Track #15 Coron Data Memory Maps 1-40 is something I've wanted to play for a long time. It's the whole B-side of TB022 the Coron Data EP by Scarletron (Carl Finlow & Daz Quayle). 13 minutes and change of abrasive dark ambient, various loops & sequences (including a sweet acid line) floating in and out for the duration. I wanted to hear it again today (it's an end-of-October record in my mind) so it makes up most of the end of this set.

I generally try to avoid pulling so many tracks from one release when putting together these mixes but it felt right today to play a lot of Restless Dreams. I hope nobody minds. Anyway I'll be back next week with another mix, probably some fast electro. 'Till then.


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