MTT 294 / Inside The Fire

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MTT294 Spectrogram

We continue the spooky theme from last week with more electro, this time at ~130. This mix features three tracks from Brokntoys, two from TRUST, and two from Touchin' Bass. A lot of strong pieces here, tracks I've been playing for a long time.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. VC-118A / Protocol 00:00
02. Cignol / Ask This 03:16
03. Sniper Mode / Bulletproof 07:27
04. Obergman / Rotunda 11:24
05. Versalife / Scepsis 14:50
06. Dr Floyd / Acid File 1 19:27
07. Ectomorph / Mysteries (Of The) 22:58
08. Unborn / The Man Can't Know The Future 27:03
09. Confutatis / Mulct 31:24
10. Trichome / The Thoth Lowrider 35:23
11. Soulweaver / Parra Attack 39:24
12. Doctor Evil / Ritual (Remix Of Formfollowsfunction) 43:16
13. Shadowbunny / Apathetic Void 47:22
14. Weith / Illusion Of Separation 50:51
15. Caron / Terra 54:56
16. Ekman / The Vacuum 59:24

Let's go over the label repeats in this hour. From Brokntoys we've got #4 Rotunda by Obergman, #14 Illusion Of Separation by Weith, and #15 Terra by Caron. Tracks #11 Parra Attack by Soulweaver and #12 Ritual by Doctor Evil are both from Touchin' Bass. And from TRUST there's #1 Protocol by VC-118A and #5 Scepsis by Versalife.

I'm having a difficult time picking something from this selection to talk about. Most of these tracks, these releases, are excellent (and I've played most of them before). I love this particular tone, cryptic and a little dark. Electro but a little twisted.

I know what I'll say: go listen to some of Shadowbunny's work at their bandcamp page. (Or check out this video for Apathetic Void that I found just now while digging around). I love Shadowbunny's music and will definitely be playing more in the coming weeks.

Did this one in a single take so it might be a little more loosely mixed than usual. As always if you hear a track you like then please consult the links above to find it & consider purchasing the release. I'll be back next week (hopefully Thursday evening) with another mix, something slower, more spooky electro.


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