MTT 293 / Feels Alive

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MTT293 Spectrogram

Spooky electro around 135 BPM. Tracks are good, set kinda wanders, gets crunchy at the end. This mix features three tunes from Brokntoys and two from Drivecom plus new-ish pieces by Lectromagnetique and Serge Geyzel.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. F.O.T.N. / The Echoscope Monitor 00:00
02. Lectromagnetique / Core 01:57
03. Unborn / Nuclear War 07:12
04. Boris Divider / Master Model 11:21
05. Dietrich Schoenemann / Untitled [E.C.01 A1] 14:55
06. Anthony Rother & Billy Nasty / Celebrate The Roots 17:56
07. Datentraeger / Manipulation 23:10
08. Kan3da / Outputvector 26:15
09. Rutherford / Spoken Word 30:24
10. Boris Divider / Strike My Mechanoid 34:25
11. Vertical67 / Morphed Reality 39:38
12. Ectomorph / Dada 43:26
13. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O. / Road To The Dungeon 46:31
14. Serge Geyzel / Slowly Downwards 51:19
15. The Exaltics / Second Choice 55:51
16. Intelje / Nothing To Fear 58:27

The three Brokntoys tracks here are #9 Spoken Word by Rutherford, #11 Morphed Reality by Vertical67, and #14 Slowly Downwards by Serge Geyzel. That last one is the most recent from the list, it's from the Departures EP released in 2021. I lean on Brokntoys pretty heavily every October for spooky and crunchy music, so expect more from them in the coming weeks.

Track #3 Nuclear War by Unborn and #10 Strike My Mechanoid by Boris Divider are both from Divider's label Drivecom Records. I have a fair collection of the early Drivecom on vinyl (and most of the rest of the label digitally). I've always enjoyed playing Drivecom, particularly the dark rolling tracks like those two. Track #4 Master Model by Boris Divider is from the same time period but released on a now somewhat hard to find compilation.

The one really new track here is #2 Core by Lectromagnetique from their March 2022 release Freedom on Bass Agenda Recordings. Picked it up when it was released and have been waiting for October to play it. Both sides are excellent dark electro with Core being the heavier of the two in my opinion. Good stuff, check it out.

This one's in a day late 'cause I spent Thursday struggling with the tracklist. As always if you hear something you like then the links above will take you to where you can purchase the track or release. (With the exception of a rare piece or two only available on the used vinyl market). I'll be back next week, hopefully at my regular time, with another mix. More spooky electro though slower.


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