MTT 246 / In Transit

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MTT246 Spectrogram

Techno and electro, mostly old, some familiar selections. A relaxed ~130. This mix features a few long-playing tracks by Carl Finlow, Pollon, and Reedale Rise.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. FUSE / Into The Space 00:00
  2. ADJ & Pathic / Scenario 02:37
  3. Reedale Rise / Gone Again 06:29
  4. Lee / Distant Drift 10:55
  5. NULLPTR / Chiron 14:22
  6. Mariska Neerman / Transatlantic Romancer 18:18
  7. Carl Finlow / Wafer Thin 22:30
  8. Shawn Rudiman / Fashionable Genetics 27:12
  9. SCSI-9 / Midnight Red 30:41
  10. The Other People Place / Let Me Be Me 34:26
  11. ITPDWIP / Eto Ya (It's Me) 38:18
  12. Jon Convex / Vacuum States 42:33
  13. Mitch Murder / Coup de Théâtre 46:19
  14. Ivna Ji / Soll 49:54
  15. Pollon / Lonely Planet 53:26
  16. Nachtzug / Unspoken 4 59:00

I think the one new (2021 and later) piece here is Mariska Neerman's Transatlantic Romancer from her Finding Our Way Back Home EP. I've played most of that EP on this mix series now and strongly recommend it, one of my favorite releases of 2021.

A lot of these selections are favorites of mine, tracks I return to often because I love them (and many are easy to play). This one's already a day late and my head is empty so I'm gonna call it here. I'll be back next week Thursday with another mix, something slower, power grid willing.


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