MTT 247 / Outside Lines

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MTT247 Spectrogram

Electro and techno, some smooth, some sharp. A few new tracks to start and some old favorites to close. Features long tunes by Dark Vektor, Gliese, Scape One, and Suburban Knight.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Made / Tek60 00:00
  2. Ke Thu / u4 02:22
  3. Legowelt / Color Techno For You And Me 06:04
  4. dbacon / aaaaa] 09:30
  5. Gliese / Cosmic Breeze 12:24
  6. Suburban Knight / Roundtable Chronicles 17:09
  7. UNKNOWN / Untitled 08 21:36
  8. Funkstörung / Buntes Plastik 23:42
  9. VCS2600 / Aquarium Glass 26:52
  10. DMX Krew / Bel 189 Trax 30:10
  11. Drexciya / Bang Bang 33:00
  12. Dcast Dynamics / Matter 36:36
  13. DJ Technician / Basslines 39:14
  14. Scape One / Time Falls 43:17
  15. Dark Vektor / Joja Non Sabia 47:18
  16. Bitstream / Monolith 52:11
  17. F.O.T.N. / State Of Mind 56:16

There are more new tracks in this hour than I thought. The first four are all from 2020 and later, the most recent release being #1 Tek60 by Made from their album When Straight Lines Become Curves on Brokntoys. Made has a long history under that name with releases on Skam and SCSI-AV. (The latter of those two seems particularly good, will need to pick that up).

Near as I can tell the last time I played Bitstream's Monolith for a mix was back in 2017 for MTT 28. Since then it has become available digitally from Bitstream's bandcamp page and has been repressed by Vinyl Underground. It's a beautiful song, smooth and hypnotic. Moody, as Megaphysics would say. The original record is pretty expensive, something for collectors only, so I'm very glad Bitstream have made it available on their Various Tracks compilation. (And the digital sounds pretty good, close enough to the vinyl for me).

Dark Vektor's Joja Non Sabia from the 2005 Micro Driver I EP on Drivecom warrants a mention too. It's beautiful and moody like Monolith but has a different tone, is less uplifting. I've had a copy of the first Micro Driver forever and should really play it more often, it's great.

And that's what I've got this week. Thanks for listening, please check out the full releases at the links above, and I'll be back next Thursday evening with another mix. Something slower, thinking sub-100.


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