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MTT220 Spectrogram

Midtempo synth-y (and even trance-y) breaks and electro. Features new tracks from Fundamental Bass Intelligence's 11:11 compilation, Scape One (new Metal Beat mixes), and Chaos Milieu on Warning Berlin.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. NULLPTR / Future World 00:00
  2. Doctor Evil / Clicker 02:30
  3. Dark Vektor / Time To Think 06:00
  4. Client_03 / Self Doubt Injector 09:15
  5. Scape One / Click Click Drone (Metal Beat Mix) 13:15
  6. Mrs Jynx ft. iAM9 / Something Which Was Everything 17:30
  7. Datawave / Nimbus 21:00
  8. Dj HasH / Subconsciencia 25:15
  9. Lone / Pulsar 28:45
  10. Clone Theory / Electrollenium 34:45
  11. Blastromen / Robot Aggression 38:35
  12. Deemphasis / Nexus 43:44
  13. Chaos Milieu / Pott Groove 48:14
  14. Low Orbit Satellite & Reii / Cyou 52:58
  15. Velvit / Chic Anatomy 59:17

So the new tracks here are #3 Time To Think by Dark Vektor and #12 Nexus by Deemphasis both from the 11:11 Fundamental Compilation on FBI, #5 Click Click Drone (Metal Beat Mix) by Scape One from the album Click Click Drone, and #13 Pott Groove by Chaos Milieu on Warning Berlin. The acid-breaks-electro-trance of Pott Groove is particularly interesting and cool, I think.

FBI's 11:11 Fundamental Compilation is high on my list of releases this year so far, quality tracks from the likes of Dark Vektor, Exzakt, Mandroid (whose Deafening Silence sounds suspiciously like a certain movie's end titles theme), Sbassship, and more. I've been playing FBI records for a long time so I'm really happy to see the release of 11:11. Check this one out for sure.

A minor correction: I mentioned while reading the tracklist aloud that Clone Theory is an alias for Heuristic Audio. That's not exactly correct. Discogs tells me that Clone Theory is Alan C. Hill and Dave Froud; Dave Froud is Heuristic Audio. Alan Hill appears to have been a member of a number of groups and used a number of aliases none of which I'm familiar with aside from Clone Theory, sadly. (And it's funny, I told myself not to make this mistake the last time I played Electrollenium. Go figure.)

That's the show this week. More 5- and 6-minute pieces than usual, but it felt right to let some of these breathe. I'll be back next week Thursday with another mix, something slower, as usual.


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