MTT 222 / Neither Nor

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MTT222 Spectrogram

Some beats, half-time drum & bass, and dubby stuff to close out this month. This hour features mostly old tracks, with a few from Om Unit's excellent label Cosmic Bridge and a few from Coco Bryce's label Myor (still so hot right now).

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Seefeel / Gatha 00:00
  2. Apologist / No Closer Than The Moon 02:44
  3. Margari's Kid / Defender (Crypticz Remix) 05:03
  4. Fracture X Kid Drama ft. Lucie La Mode / Tell Me How 08:49
  5. Massive Attack / Weather Storm 13:31
  6. Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor / Cool Monsoon (Weather Storm) 16:21
  7. Mad Professor / Solar System 19:16
  8. Vangelis / Le Singe Bleu (Om Unit Edit) 21:03
  9. Tourist At Home / You And I For A Long Time 25:12
  10. Ben Businovski / Deleted Scenes (Vaporwave) 28:58
  11. Kuedo / Salt Lake Cuts 32:55
  12. Kromestar / Don't Make Sense 37:26
  13. Mesak / Meswalk (Edit) 41:35
  14. Coco Bryce / Shower Scene 44:13
  15. The Chemical Brothers / One Too Many Mornings 46:51
  16. Dagobert / Sky High 50:03
  17. DJ Taye ft. Fabi Reyna / I Don't Know 53:28
  18. Gary Bellington / Merry Go Sound 56:43

Track #3 Defender (Crypticz Remix) by Margari's Kid, track #8 Le Singe Bleu (Om Unit Edit) by Vangelis (listed as Le Singe on Om Unit's bandcamp), and track #12 Don't Make Sense by Kromestar are all from Om Unit's label Cosmic Bridge. Of those the moody and dramatic We Are Ghosts Now EP by Margari's Kid is my favorite. (Titan and Darkness Is Older Than Light are particularly incredible).

Tracks #13 Meswalk (Edit) by Mesak and #14 Shower Scene by Coco Bryce are both from Bryce's label Myor. Skweee and bright sunny instrumental hip-hop respectively. I need to go digging through the Myor catalog again, so much of it is good and I'm sure I missed a lot on my first pass.

A couple more things to recommend. Fracture & Kid Drama & Lucie La Mode's Tell Me How is fantastic and has been stuck in my head since I picked it up last month. DJ Taye & Fabi Reyna's I Don't Know from Taye's hi-tech footwork album Still Trippin' has also been stuck in my head. That's an album I've been revisiting lately, rediscovering just how far ahead DJ Taye is.

Aside from some volume level troubles and an unfortunate zip noise at 2:41 this one is pretty good. I love all these tracks. Anyway I'll be back next week Thursday with another mix, probably some fast-ish electro.


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