MTT 219 / Tomorrow & Yesterday

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MTT219 Spectrogram

Working through some fast (140) electro, old and new. Features a couple old tracks from Satamile NYC and some new(ish) ones from Brokntoys, CPU, and Lobster Theremin.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Zainetica / Future 740 00:00
  2. Mr Velcro Fastener / Refuse To Lose 04:38
  3. Electronic Corporation / We Got Velocity 09:13
  4. Blotnik Brothers / Le Monde 10:49
  5. MNLTH / Traffic 16:32
  6. Kraftwerk / Chrono 20:20
  7. Cyborg 95 / Tour De France '16 22:58
  8. Scape One / Tomorrow 26:51
  9. Lowfish / Wahawa 30:30
  10. DJ Overdose / Drift Away 34:01
  11. 96 Back / 050 37:27
  12. DJ Glow / Intruder Alert 41:20
  13. Amper Clap / Desolation (Robyrt Hecht Remix) 45:13
  14. Vertical67 / Far Away Lights 49:10
  15. Interviews / High Climber 52:49
  16. Skee Mask / TH808 57:31

Two Brokntoys tracks feature in this mix, both at the end: #14 Far Away Lights by Vertical67 from their 2017 EP Morphed Reality and #15 High Climber by Interviews from their 2021 self-titled EP. Pretty much everything Brokntoys puts out is great, but the latter of those two - the new Interviews EP - really caught my ear. The tough menacing electro of Miami String and High Climber, the quick cosmic disco of Cosmic Shuffle, the noisy industrial electronics of Petman. Solid EP, I like all the tracks on it.

The other new (2017 onward) tracks in this mix are: #5 Traffic by MNLTH and #11 050 by 96 Back both on CPU Records, #7 Tour De France '16 by Cyborg 95 on Lobster Theremin, #13 Desolation (Robyrt Hecht Remix) by Amper Clap on Elektrodos, and #16 TH808 by Skee Mask on Ilian Tape.

I keep returning to old Satamile NYC records when playing these fast sets. Satamile vinyl was easy to get at my local shops when it was new, and so I have a few pieces that I've spent a bunch of time with. In this mix track #4 Le Monde by the Blotnik Brothers from their Museful Revolution EP and #9 Wahawa by Lowfish from the Science Persuades Best EP (also on Burn The Lights Out) are from Satamile. Lowfish's work in particular always played well at the arcade.

And that's all the words I've got this time. I'll be back next week on Thursday the 13th with something slower, as usual.


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