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MTT 221 / Free Routine

Posted by Cameron Vanderzanden on . Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno. Fediverse thread.

MTT221 Spectrogram

Electro, IDM, techno-ish selections this week. A mess of a tracklist, but the tunes are all good. This hour features new tracks from Apologist's album Air Foundry on Frequency Domain and ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ's new EP IMMI on Musar Recordings.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Myoptik / New Life 00:00
  2. Apologist / Signals 02:23
  3. Volum / Forced States Of Matter 07:40
  4. Biepang / Bleak Leisure 11:08
  5. Mitch Murder / Bertone's Theme 14:49
  6. üNN / Reality 17:29
  7. Silicon Scally / Rendered 21:20
  8. User18081971 / Bimbongo 25:34
  9. Intelligent Communication / Open Loop 27:48
  10. dbacon / Just Hold On 31:17
  11. Delta Funktionen / Moonstone Road 34:55
  12. Drexciya / Surface Terrestrial Colonization 39:37
  13. E.R.P. / Gallup String 45:30
  14. M_Step / Atarv5 49:00
  16. T.Power / Complexification 56:03
  17. Bola / Serge2 (Octagon) 61:55

The first two tracks in this mix - New Life by Myoptik and Signals by Apologist - are both from the UK label Frequency Domain. Both are from terrific albums, the former a varied ambient split between Matt Whitehead and Myoptik, the latter a new dubby electronic eight-tracker from Apologist. I highly recommend both.

ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ's odd track BOUNCING/LASSITUDE is from their recent IMMI EP on Musar. A cryptic, menacing, weird EP; I like it a lot. And it sets up a slightly awkward but cool transition into T.Power's Complexification.

Track 10 Just Hold On by dbacon (AKA Being AKA The Wee DJs) is also new. It's from Half-arsed Cupboard Jams, a collection of sweet lo-fi-ish electro and techno sketches from Mr. Bacon's studio. If Just Hold On (and Aches) is what comes out of your cupboard then I love it too.

I got a little bit carried away at the end of this one and ran long; I really wanted to hear Complexification (and Bola's Serge2). I hope nobody minds. Anyway I'll be back next week with another upload on Thursday, my customary end-of-month slow set.