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MTT 214 / From The Top

Posted 2021-04-01. Permalink. Tagged audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno, uk garage.

MTT214 Spectrogram

Breaks, electro, and techno up around 140. Some aggressive stuff. This one features a few recent purchases from Crobot Muzik, Ilian Tape, and Lunar Orbiter Program.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. üNN / Friendship 00:00
  2. Fenin / Driven 02:03
  3. Mr. Velcro Fastener / Aura 05:34
  4. MachineFunk / 21/Borisov 09:16
  5. CYWU / Trip To Another 13:10
  6. Turk Turkelton / X Statione 15:42
  7. Mandroid / Clockwerk Mannequin 19:44
  8. DJ Di'jital / The Enforcer 22:43
  9. Rings Around Saturn / THX Assassin 25:44
  10. Headtop / The Matrix 30:22
  11. 2562 / Enforcers 32:43
  12. Korrupted Brothers & Vema-Diodes / Big Tie 36:12
  13. Nullptr / Arvanche 38:45
  14. Carl Craig / Science Fiction (In Touch With My Psyche) 43:16
  15. Skee Mask / Type 3 Beat 46:59
  16. Systemic / Inti 49:24
  17. Stenny / Adequate Force 53:55
  18. Metroneem / Blue Screen 56:51
  19. Scarletron / Cusp Catastrophe 61:20

Track #4 21/Borisov by MachineFunk and #12 Big Tie by Korruped Brothers & Vema-Diodes are both from Crobot Muzik; similarly #15 Type 3 Beat by Skee Mask and #17 Adequate Force by Stenny are from Ilian Tape, and #5 Trip To Another by CYWU and #6 X Statione by Turk Turkelton are from Lunar Orbiter Program. These are relatively recent tracks, all from 2020 onward. (Well, except the Stenny, that's 2019).

The two Ilian Tape tracks (by Skee Mask and Stenny) are particularly interesting to me. I just picked those up a few days ago after spending an afternoon going through Ilian Tape's catalog on bandcamp. Their fusion of breaks and techno remind me a lot of an old Go Hiyama track, World Game. An industrial, noisy, rattling kind of techno-breaks. Love & highly recommend those ISS Skee Mask releases and that Stenny EP.

Aside from that and the brief diversion into UK Garage (THX Assassin, Headtop's Matrix) this is a pretty normal selection. Metroneem's Skip Code EP on Satamile Records NYC seems a bit overlooked to me, it's a really good break-y electro record, so be sure to check that one out too.

I think I'll follow my usual pattern this month of getting slower week-to-week, so next episode will be say ~128 or so. I've been holding on to some tunes to play around there. I'll be back with that on Thursday the 8th.