MTT 216 / Made Of Wires

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MTT216 Spectrogram

A grab-bag of electro and synthpop featuring new ("new") tracks from Debbie Deb, Jackal And Hyde, Neuroactive, and more. Plus a bunch of old '80s tracks and a little Miami bass.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Andrea Parker & David Morley / Early Days 00:00
  2. Debbie Deb / Everybody's Jammin' 02:14
  3. Paul Hardcastle / Loitering With Intent 05:34
  4. DMX Krew / DMX Funk (Rock Mix) 09:09
  5. Tape Loader & Phatt Rok Ski / Prime Time (Main Mix) 12:09
  6. Hashim / Al-Naafiysh (The Soul/B) 15:27
  7. Jackal And Hyde / Cogito Ergo Sum 19:33
  8. Microslav / Sam Sa Tobom (Radio Edit) 23:08
  9. Quadrant 77 & Roller8 / Roll Into Space 26:42
  10. Autobot-1000 vs. DJ Di'jital / Input, Output 30:30
  11. Kraftwerk / It's More Fun To Compute 33:35
  12. Dynamik Bass System / Omega Platinum 36:25
  13. Scape One / Macola 38:58
  14. The Beat Club / Security (Club Mix) 42:19
  15. Techno Bass Crew / Undertow 45:43
  16. Dynamix II / Machine Planet 48:43
  17. Neuroactive / Climate Is Changing 53:07
  18. Inigo Kennedy / Happy Robot Glow 58:35

Let's run through the new tracks in this hour, "new" being 2019 onward.

First up is Everybody's Jammin' by Debbie Deb, an unearthed mid-80s recording from the Pandisc catalog published in 2019 by Schematic Music Company. A proper fun freestyle jam transferred from tape to 24/96khz digital for the 21st century. I feel like everybody should have a copy of this.

Next is Jackal And Hyde's Cogito Ergo Sum, a single put out about a year ago on their bandcamp page. I usually expect hard electrobass from Jackal And Hyde, but here we have a really sweet Kraftwerkian throwback tune. Highly recommend this one, it's a great song. (As an aside I think this is the only explicitly Cartesian electro track I've ever heard.)

Scape One's Macola from his 2020 album Cosmic Trax is also new, though I've had this one a bit longer than the others. Clicky, snappy, spacey, and distant. Retro electro as only Kurt Baggaley does it. I picked this up for the Jive Rhythm Trax referencing Cosmic Jam; it turns out the rest of the album is fantastic too.

The final track I'll highlight this week is Neuroactive's Climate Is Changing from their 2020 album Minor Side-Effects. Climate Is Changing is a perfectly executed electronic-pop message-song, corny and sincere. I love it and so I let it run long in the mix. Minor Side-Effects is a pretty varied album, ranging from EBM/industrial to poppy electro and some more ambient pieces. I like the whole thing a lot and I think it works particularly well listened to straight through, so check that one out if you're interested in both electro and new EBM/industrial.

And if you ever need to extend It's More Fun To Compute Dynamik Bass System has you covered.

That's all I've got. I'll be back next week at my usual time (Thursday evening) with another upload.


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