MTT 217 / Short Waves

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MTT217 Spectrogram

90 and 100 BPM business this week. Ambient, downtempo, electro; dubby stuff. A bunch of old '90s tunes in the first 20 minutes. Some comfort music.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Terre Thaemlitz / Hovering Glows 00:00
  2. Ian o'Brien / Midday Sunshine 03:30
  3. Future Sound Of London / Her Face Forms In Summertime 08:06
  4. Electric Skychurch / Creation (Original Low Frequency Dub Mix) 10:56
  5. Jega / Sakura 15:13
  6. Global Communication / 7:39 18:55
  7. Giriu Dvasios / Miega 24:37
  8. Dogon / Hex-A-Gon 27:29
  9. Apologist / Shadowspace 30:01
  10. Depeche Mode / Cover Me (Alt Out) 34:13
  11. Paul Blackford / The NASA Beat 38:04
  12. Mikron / Imora 41:04
  13. Sigma Algebra / Jet 44:37
  14. Clatterbox / Transformer 49:05
  15. Newcleus / No More Running 53:35
  16. Aphex Twin / We Are The Music Makers 57:19

I've been listening to Ian o'Brien's Eden EP and 76:14 by Global Communication a lot this week; this selection is the result. Newcleus's Jam On Revenge has also been on my mind, the weather in the pacific northwest feels right for it at the moment. (And I'm a little upset with myself that I couldn't remember the name of the album Jam On Revenge while reading the tracklist aloud. I'll get it next time).

The most recently released track here is Shadowspace by Apologist from their album Air Foundry on Frequency Domain. I picked that up this week and have been loving it, beautiful hazy dubby electronics. I'm sure I'll be playing more from Air Foundry in the next few months, so check it out at the link above.

I'm starting to fall asleep so that's all I have to say about this one. I'll be back next week Thursday with something different. (Maybe drum & bass if I can put a set together). Till then.


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