MTT 205 / All Better

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MTT205 Spectrogram

This month's slow(ish) set, the usual selection of downtempo, electro, and IDM, all at 100. Features new(ish) tracks from Annechoic, L'Automat, Neuroactive, Sophie, Sepehr, Zobol, and more.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Scape One / A Discord In Scarlet 00:00
  2. NEUROACTIVE / Minor Side-Effects 01:54
  3. Scorn / Night Tide 04:18
  4. Meat Beat Manifesto / United Nations (E.T.C.) 07:59
  5. Metic / Phase Inv (Phoenecia Meticoncoction) 11:13
  6. Lapsed / Break Ya Neck (Aaron Spectre Remix) 14:10
  7. Annechoic / Ib 18:00
  8. Micronaut / Nevermore 22:00
  9. Andy Garvey / Sub.conscious 24:33
  10. Zobol / Suspended Animation 27:50
  11. Syrinx 2600 / Ta-Va 31:40
  12. L'Automat / Work 1 34:43
  13. Seele Ohne Ziel / SOZ IV (Track 4) 36:24
  14. Aux 88 / Massive Effect 39:15
  15. SOPHIE / BIPP (Autechre Mx) 42:03
  16. Sepehr / Neophyte Delight 44:56
  17. [SiK] / Spiral Frank's Other Eye 48:14
  18. Identity Unknown / Solar 51:26
  19. Metamatics / 8 Bit Caravan 55:10

Let's run through the new tracks in this hour, everything 2020 onward.

Minor Side-Effects by Neuroactive is from their album of the same name on Alfa Matrix, I just picked that up a week ago and love it. It's somewhere between Kraftwerk (see Climate Is Changing) and the kind of synthpop heard at EBM / industrial nights, solid all the way through.

Annechoic's Ib is from their EP rw nw prt m hrw out last year on Brokntoys. I appreciate the variety of tracks on this release - a couple tough fast tracks, another tough one at 120, the slower Ib included here, and a nice ambient opener in Ka. Really good EP.

Sub.conscious by Andy Garvey is from their Complex Clarity EP for Lobster UNDR, another release I've played a lot over the last year. I've got Sub.conscious running at -6% so it may sound a bit off. Another great record with a wide variety of tracks and styles on it.

Zobol's Suspended Animation is one I just picked up, out a few months ago on EON Records. Slow melancholic electro, good stuff. It plays a little quiet in this mix, unfortunately; go check out the original for the full effect.

The second track from Brokntoys in this mix is L'Automat's Work 1, from their Works 7". I love this series of 7"es that Brokntoys has been putting out, and Works is no exception. Cryptic moody electro.

BIPP (Autechre Mx) by Sophie is the most recent track here, released two weeks ago on Numbers. Most of Sophie's music is too cooked, too bright for me; this slowed-down version of BIPP is just right. Like something from an imaginary lost entry in the MASK series. Good enough to bring back during Sepehr's Neophyte Delight, another new track, from his 2020 album Shaytoon on Dark Entries.

Which leaves the last track, 8 Bit Caravan by Metamatics from their album Vogue Casio 96, out a couple months ago through Metamatics' bandcamp page. A terrific album full of funky IDM beats, I like it more every time I listen to it.

Alright, I wrote this in a hurry so forgive me for rambling. Thanks for listening, check out the albums at the links above, and I'll be back with another upload next Thursday evening February 4th.


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