MTT 202 / A Delicate Time

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MTT202 Spectrogram

Pensive electro up around 140. Features a few new tracks from Lloyd Stellar, Metamatics, and Nullptr, and (as always) some old favorites.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Azmotronik / Last One In For Breakfast 00:00
  2. Mr Velcro Fastener / I Hear You 03:15
  3. Lowfish / Bitter 06:18
  4. Lloyd Stellar / We Don't Exist 10:03
  5. NULLPTR / Bit Device 13:31
  6. Noldus Rabiatus / Cable (Lumberjack) 16:53
  7. Metamatics / Beautiful Mutations 20:00
  8. Freeform / Flyplate 26:07
  9. Generali Minerali / Cyber Rhythms And Love 30:17
  10. Drox / Flipo (8 Bit Mix) 34:27
  11. The Black Dog / Dada Mindstab 37:22
  12. Ubahnrider / Emulator 40:31
  13. T.E.S.T. / Night Jam 43:47
  14. Transparent Sound / Night & Day 48:00
  15. Scape One / The Penultimate Truth 52:40
  16. EM + STAV / Atmospheric Love 55:56

The new tracks in this hour are We Don't Exist by Lloyd Stellar, Bit Device by NULLPTR, Beautiful Mutations by Metamatics, Emulator by Ubahnrider (from the Phalanx 3 comp on Typeless), and Atmospheric Love by EM & STAV, all released in 2020. Beautiful Mutations (from Metamatic's Vogue Casio 96) and Bit Device (from NULLPTR's Future World) are particularly great; I strongly recommend both those albums.

Track 6 Cable (Lumberjack) by Noldus Rabiatus is an old tracker mod, filename, that I got from a friend's collection. The song message lists a release date of 1999-10-02, but I was unable to find anywhere that it's been published online. A number of Noldus's other mods can be found in the MODLAND archive, though.

This is a good one, a good set. I like this selection a lot. Forgive the loose timing on the transition from Night & Day to The Penultimate Truth, that recording of Night & Day from the Scape One & Transparent Sound & Karoshi compilation slips a bit. Anyway, I'll have another mix up next week Thursday, the usual time. Something slower. 'till then.


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