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MTT 202 / A Delicate Time

Posted by Cameron Vanderzanden on . Tags: audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music. Fediverse thread.

MTT202 Spectrogram

Pensive electro up around 140. Features a few new tracks from Lloyd Stellar, Metamatics, and Nullptr, and (as always) some old favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Azmotronik / Last One In For Breakfast 00:00
  2. Mr Velcro Fastener / I Hear You 03:15
  3. Lowfish / Bitter 06:18
  4. Lloyd Stellar / We Don't Exist 10:03
  5. NULLPTR / Bit Device 13:31
  6. Noldus Rabiatus / Cable (Lumberjack) 16:53
  7. Metamatics / Beautiful Mutations 20:00
  8. Freeform / Flyplate 26:07
  9. Generali Minerali / Cyber Rhythms And Love 30:17
  10. Drox / Flipo (8 Bit Mix) 34:27
  11. The Black Dog / Dada Mindstab 37:22
  12. Ubahnrider / Emulator 40:31
  13. T.E.S.T. / Night Jam 43:47
  14. Transparent Sound / Night & Day 48:00
  15. Scape One / The Penultimate Truth 52:40
  16. EM + STAV / Atmospheric Love 55:56

The new tracks in this hour are We Don't Exist by Lloyd Stellar, Bit Device by NULLPTR, Beautiful Mutations by Metamatics, Emulator by Ubahnrider (from the Phalanx 3 comp on Typeless), and Atmospheric Love by EM & STAV, all released in 2020. Beautiful Mutations (from Metamatic's Vogue Casio 96) and Bit Device (from NULLPTR's Future World) are particularly great; I strongly recommend both those albums.

Track 6 Cable (Lumberjack) by Noldus Rabiatus is an old tracker mod, filename, that I got from a friend's collection. The song message lists a release date of 1999-10-02, but I was unable to find anywhere that it's been published online. A number of Noldus's other mods can be found in the MODLAND archive, though.

This is a good one, a good set. I like this selection a lot. Forgive the loose timing on the transition from Night & Day to The Penultimate Truth, that recording of Night & Day from the Scape One & Transparent Sound & Karoshi compilation slips a bit. Anyway, I'll have another mix up next week Thursday, the usual time. Something slower. 'till then.


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