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Going into the Hollywood section of VtM: Bloodlines tonight at

Those content warnings I've been giving about the game? They're for this part. It more than earns its M rating with the violence & gore in the Hollywood section.

VtMB (Part 3)

Hollywood thru the Fu Syndicate

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The edginess continues. Streaming VtM: Bloodlines tonight over at Will try to play through the Downtown hub in one go.

Warning again that this game gets to some pretty violent & nasty places.

VtMB (Part 2)

Downtown thru the start of Hollywood

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I'm starting a game of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines on stream tonight over at

Fair warning, this game is real edgy stuff. Violent and gory. (Rated Mature 17+ the ESRB says).

VtMB (Part 1)

Santa Monica thru the Elizabeth Dane

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Continuing the Shadowrun Hong Kong bonus campaign today on stream over at

I think this is the second-to-last mission, The Tiger's Den.

SRHK Bonus Campaign (part 3)

The Tiger's Den mission (completed with several reloads). A little sloppy (used a platinum trauma kit) but fine.

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I've been switching between programming in Python and Quake C lately and it's starting to scramble my brain. Keep having to remind myself: tabs or spaces? do I need curly braces? etc. .'s avatar image // / 111218108061950752 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm playing through Than's map pack "Deathmatch Dimension" on stream over at

I've been looking forward to this one for a while, I love single player reworks of DM maps.

Deathmatch Dimension

Adventures of Dave the Quake Marine

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Picking up my game of Shadowrun Hong Kong again today on stream at

Been 4 or 5 months since I last played. I believe I'm in the middle of the bonus campaign (after the events of the main game).

SRHK Bonus Campaign (part 2)

Namazu / Shiawase Research Lab mission

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CW: Movie Talk, To Live And Die In L.A. (1985)

Watched To Live And Die In L.A. after putting it off for a few weeks. "Pulp" would be the word for it I think. A procedural cop-versus-counterfeiter story elevated by great performances and William Friedkin's direction.

Really good but also evil & mean. Grim. (I'm beginning to think that could describe most of Friedkin's movies). Plot goes from normal procedural to horrific unrecoverable death spiral. Ended up being way more intense than I expected.

Soundtrack by Wang Chung. Website Source and Licensing

I've recently published the full source for this website. That link leads to a git repo containing all the text data (article content etc.) and graphics plus the various programs used.

The program source code contained in that repo is available under the MIT License unless otherwise indicated. Text on this website (articles, wiki pages, etc.) and original graphics are now licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license unless otherwise indicated.

(Note that most of the graphics aren't my original work - they're photos of cover art, screengrabs from film and TV, preview images sourced from the web, etc. .)

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Conclusion: Zerstorer and FMJ 3 are both pretty good. Zerstorer accomplished a lot for a mod made in '97 (breakables, rain, new models & sounds), and FMJ 3 was a cool throwback. I particularly liked MFX and Tronyn's maps from FMJ 3.

Next time I spin up Quake I think I'll play czg's Honey mod and Func Map Jam 1 (the Honey-themed jam)