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Completed Shadowrun Dragonfall on stream today (just in time, before all the sports-related shouting is scheduled to start). My second time through the game. Still really love it (Dragonfall) but now I can kinda see how the sequel improved on it.

Not sure what I'll stream next.'s avatar image // / 109802514651527025 source link
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We're apparently one year away from the first Laughing Man incident (as shown in the first season of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex anyway). I only noticed 'cause I just re-watched the show.'s avatar image // / 109790364007335334 source link
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Putting together a techno set for tomorrow. I'm not a proper techno DJ, I don't have the knowledge or collection. Still I spin techno once or twice a year anyway just to hear something different (even if I don't have anything new to play).'s avatar image // / 109779249397612296 source link
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The fifth Questing For Glory RPG speedrun marathon is starting right now over on the RPG Limit Break twitch channel:

RPGLimitBreak - Twitch

Annual RPG Speedrun Charity Marathon, plus other great online RPG community events!


First game is Legend Of Dragoon. I think the marathon runs this whole week. I like RPG runs & I like the RPGLB crew so I'll be watching this when I can.'s avatar image // / 109771897470242179 source link
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Watched the latest RLM video, the one about the movie "After Last Season" (2009), and I'm kinda dismayed that I really want to see the movie now. It looks... bad, but also intentionally alien and weird, two things I like. It made me think of Saul Bass's movie "Phase IV" for some reason.'s avatar image // / 109736729377698265 source link
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Today I learned that the Quake mod Arcane Dimensions has a nice clean implementation of a grappling hook. It works a bit like the old hook that came with the QW CTF mod.

Which is good because I definitely couldn't figure out the math for a grappling hook on my own.'s avatar image // / 109712983444236376 source link
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Music shopping today. Picked up Submolecular by Scape One (there's a deal on it right now), two EPs by Vektorspace, NULLPTR's most recent EP (from July of last year), an EP by Docta Gee, and preordered Breakbeater / Detronic by Paradox.

A little over 20 USD. Good haul. Excited to play the Vektorspace & NULLPTR soon, and the Detronic when it releases.'s avatar image // / 109680117032235462 source link
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I am happy to report that the MSI PRO B550M-VC WIFI motherboard works nicely with 13.1.

All the board functions I've tested so far have worked. Both SATA controllers (chipset and additional ASMedia ASM116x), ethernet (RealTek 8168/8111), sound (RealTek ALC897). I believe the WIFI is supported by iwlwifi(4) though I haven't tried it. Bluetooth appears to be unsupported.'s avatar image // / 109667337812244865 source link
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Finished "Rum Punch" by Elmore Leonard today. My second Leonard after Get Shorty. His books really fly by, they read like they've been skillfully reduced to the bare essentials. Great dialog of course. I enjoyed it but I don't think I'd want to read his books quickly, one after another.'s avatar image // / 109648638381086259 source link
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Upgrading to FreeBSD 13 in preparation for hardware upgrades in the near future. Been putting it off for months.

This means I have to say goodbye to the bktr driver (and my old PCI Hauppage WinTV), it was removed from 13. I'm sad to see it go.