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MTT323 Spectrogram

An hour and change of 140 BPM electro & techno. Long tracks from Heath Brunner and Mr Velcro Fastener, plus a few from Semantica (including another long one from Plant43). Quick, precise, bright.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Ke Thu / Noise Cannot Be Made 00:00
02. Dr. Futurist / Thermodynamic Equilibrium 03:19
03. Morphology / Dalek Invasion 07:06
04. Keith Tucker / Just Don't Understand 10:48
05. Heath Brunner / Spring 14:28
06. B12 / Obtuse 20:52
07. Instra:mental / Tramma 24:04
08. MicroControlUnit / Solar Wind 28:25
09. Reverie / Neon Woodland 32:04
10. Plant43 / Metamaterial Cloaking 35:44
11. D.I.E. / Laid Back Frequency 40:46
12. Shawescape Renegade / Neuron Galaxy 43:44
13. Mr Velcro Fastener / (An)Other Side 46:42
14. being / The Sular One Remix by Insync vs Mysteron 51:30
15. Composite Profuse / Definitive Neglect 55:37
16. Inigo Kennedy / Disorder 58:49

So this is mostly older selections, pieces I enjoy & have played before or pieces I've been meaning to get to. The one label that appears twice is Semantica with track #3 Dalek Invasion by Morphology and track #10 Metamaterial Cloaking by Plant43.

Plant43's "Sentient City" series on Semantica (Dreams Of, Awakens, Return To) is worth calling out in specific I think. There's a good variety of tempo, sound, and mood across those EPs. I return to them pretty often for mixes & listening in general. Can't recommend them enough. (And if you follow my mixes you've heard most of the tracks by now).

Another release I'd like to call out today is the Tides Remix Album by Being, source of track #14 The Sular One Remix by Insync vs Mysteron. This set was arranged mostly to play that Sular One remix ('cause I wanted to hear it). It's a very strong collection of remixes, I think I've played three of them now. Be sure to check the whole album out (and the original Tides too).

The source link I have for track #2, Thermodynamic Equilibrium by Dr. Futurist, appears to have gone dead. I first picked that up on Kurt Baggaley's 4u3 compilation (and that comp is now absent on his bandcamp page). I've changed the link to the discogs entry for 4u3 and will update it if/when the Dr. Futurist and Tactical Systems tracks become available for purchase again.

And that's all I've got for notes. This one's coming in fashionably late (middle of Friday morning). Thanks for listening, check the links above if you want to locate a track or release, and I'll be back next week with another mix. Most likely more electro.


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