MTT 324 / New Plane Interaction

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MTT324 Spectrogram

More electro & techno, this time around 130. New(ish) tracks by Vektorspace and Stratos Zero (both from last year), plus two more ~202x tracks by Sickboy and L'Automat. Otherwise this is mostly old stuff I wanted to hear today.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Rings Around Saturn / Non Place 00:00
02. ADJ & Pathic / Scenario 02:13
03. Scape One & Transparent Sound & Karoshi / Twisted Frequencies 07:13
04. Vektorspace / Voltage Controlled 2 12:06
05. Sickboy / JP8000 15:21
06. Verlake / PKS 20:25
07. The Darkvoid Project / Cloudshaping 24:10
08. Spin Fidelity / We Dig Deeper 27:55
09. DJ R21 / Machine City 30:55
10. L'Automat / Moment 2 34:55
11. UR / Biosensors In Tunnel Complex Africa 39:55
12. Stratos Zero / Recovering Venera 13 44:32
13. Aril Brikha / Kept Within 47:39
14. The Martian / Sex In Zero Gravity 53:29
15. Reedale Rise / Daphnis 58:55

Two tracks from Brokntoys feature: #1 Non Place by Rings Around Saturn and #10 Moment 2 by L'Automat. I've been meaning to play the latter of those two for some time; the Moments album (and Automat's work in general) is excellent.

This set was put together to hear some of tracks near the end, particularly The Martian's Sex In Zero Gravity (mixed by Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes, the label tells me). It's not a tune I play often but whenever I do it always makes me happy. I think I bought my copy around 2009 so I assume it's the reissue version from that year. And looking now it appears the old Red Planet catalog is now available digitally on at least beatport and boomkat, which is super cool.

I think that's all I have for notes right now (very tired, fading fast). Check the links above if you want to locate or purchase any of these tracks. I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower, as is my habit.


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