MTT 326 / Unexpected Results

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MTT326 Spectrogram

A grab bag show today. Downtempo, electro, IDM, etc., all at around 100. Recent(ish) tracks by Apologist (from the album Air Foundry on Frequency Domain) and JLo (from the Strandgata comp on Moatun 7).

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Legowelt / A Crazy Plan [Cherri Meets The Professor] 00:00
02. Dune / Blue 02:19
03. Intelje / Medusa 07:31
04. The Sushi Club / Shiosai 11:32
05. Darkhalo / Underwater Voyage Pt. 1 16:13
06. Apologist / Still Unknown 20:25
07. JLo / Windig 24:57
08. Dntel / Fear Of Corners (L.A. Bus Mix) 28:57
09. Dogon vs Wee DJs / Float On (In Spite Of Imminent Attack From The Space Pirats) 32:26
10. The Darkvoid Project / 1986 36:07
11. Mrs Jynx / Bedtime Stories 40:55
12. Plaid / Coat 42:40
13. Midwest Product / Laundry 45:52
14. The Chemical Brothers / Chico's Groove 49:04
15. Jega / Dreams 53:14
16. Gosub / Waking Up 56:46

The two most recent tracks in this hour are #6 Still Unknown by Apologist from their 2021 album Air Foundry on Frequency Domain and #7 Windig by JLo on the 2022 Strandgata comp on Moatun 7. Air Foundry is a weird and rewarding album, dubby and spacious, strange rhythms at unusual tempos. I like it a lot & I like the challenge of playing it in mixes (though I seem to keep forgetting the name of the album, sorry about that).

The last 20 or so minutes of this is inspired by an older mix from this series, MTT 109 / Dwelling Of The Day. I wanted to hear Chico's Groove by The Chemical Brothers this week (hadn't played it in a long time) and the assortment of tracks around it seemed like a good setup. Listening back to it now I think there's a better mix hiding in there. All of those pieces are good - Coat, Laundry, Bedtime Stories, Dreams, etc. - but feel a little uneasy sequenced that way. I'll have to revisit that idea someday after I've dug around for more material.

It's after midnight now so I'll call it there for notes. Check the links above if you want to locate and/or purchase any of these tracks. I'll be back next week with another mix, something fast again, suitable for warmer weather.


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