MTT 291 / Silver Lining

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MTT291 Spectrogram

Ambient, electro, IDM. A little dubby. Something mellow for this (now late) show. Long tracks by Ed Chamberlain, Metamatics, Permutation, and Rings Around Saturn.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Mikron / Oceania 00:00
02. Cobalt Road & STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ / Paradise 02:12
03. Permutation / Eclipse 04:52
04. RAC / On The Verge 11:40
05. Rings Around Saturn / Automatic Memory 16:40
06. R.M / Déambulation 22:32
07. As If / Inner Space Dub 24:26
08. Apologist / Air Foundry 28:16
09. Axiom 23 / Hidden Lagoon 32:22
10. Metamatics / Hot Synchronomy 36:01
11. Marco Bernardi / Complete Direction 41:22
12. Ivna Ji / Laax 45:50
13. Ed Chamberlain / Landmine 49:25
14. Luke Vibert / Spiral Staircase (AFX Remix) 54:36
15. Heath Brunner / Vdub 58:24

The two most recent tracks here are #3 Eclipse by Permutation from their 2022 Epicycles EP and #8 Air Foundry by Apologist from their 2021 album Air Foundry (same name as the track) on Frequency Domain. I recommend both of those releases, they're excellent, with Air Foundry being the more sedate of the two. (I think I've played every track from Epicycles now, It's really good.)

Track 4 On The Verge by RAC is an old Warp classic from the 1996 Structures EP. Really good record, Continua & Tunnel Talk are easy favorites but the whole thing is good. On The Verge was one of the first pieces I knew I wanted to play this week. If you like On The Verge and haven't heard the full album before treat yourself and give it a listen.

This one's coming in a bit late, sorry about that. Wasn't feeling it on Thursday. Check the links above if you hear something you like, all of these releases are available thru Bandcamp (and one on I'll be back next week with another mix at hopefully my usual time; not sure what I'll play yet. Probably something slow to close September.


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