MTT 288 / Sudden Burst

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MTT288 Spectrogram

Some quick electro this week, high 130s. Something comfortable to mix. This hour features one track from Illektrolab's new Temporal Interference EP on Brokntoys, a couple recent downloads from Lasergum Records, and a bunch of old favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Luke Eargoggle / Ambulance 00:00
02. Jean-Paul Bondy ft. Justin Maxwell / Dry Humper 03:18
03. Scape One / Galaxy Of Funk 07:12
04. EMS / Illusion Mode 11:26
05. CYBEREIGN / Circuit Lender 15:54
06. Morphogenetic / The Driven 20:56
07. Andrew Red Hand / Space Encounter 25:30
08. Adam Jay / Fragmented Simulation 29:30
09. Gucci Bass / Bass Mod 33:22
10. Sonar Base / Space Travel 37:33
11. Illektrolab / Temporal Interference 40:52
12. The Advent / Kombination True [True Combo] 45:33
13. Datacrashrobot / Simultaneous Multithreading 49:47
14. Diamondback Kid / Coma 54:10
15. Umwelt / The Zeta Reticuli Incident 58:40

A couple of quick programming notes this week. Two tracks from Brokntoys feature here, #1 Ambulance by Luke Eargoggle and #11 Temporal Interference by Illektrolab from the new EP of the same name. The Illektrolab is snappy, heavy; I like it a bit more than Paranoid Android, their previous EP for Brokntoys.

Track #5 Circuit Lender by CYBEREIGN and #13 Simultaneous Multithreading by Datacrashrobot are both from the label Lasergum Records. I noticed recently that everything on Lasergum is now free-to-download from Bandcamp (apparently the label ceased operations March of this year). It's worth flipping through their catalog if you have the time (I picked up a bunch myself a few weeks ago).

Another double, #4 Illusion Mode by EMS from the Synchronaut LP and #15 The Zeta Reticuli Incident by Umwelt were both originally released by Satamile NYC. Both are records I've played often in the past.

That's it for notes I think. If you hear something you like please check the links above and consider picking up the track (or the whole release) to support the artist. I'll be back next Thursday evening (Pacific time) with another mix, something slower & a bit more mellow.


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