MTT 226 / Island Platform

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MTT226 Spectrogram

Slow downtempo and dub this week, a heavy sound. Illbient. Most of this selection is older, '90s and early 2000s, with the exception of one track by Hong Kong Express and one track by Mikron.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. The Black Dog / Sleep Deprivation 1 00:00
  2. We™ / Hang On 03:35
  3. Skull / Destroy All Monsters 09:16
  4. Meat Beat Manifesto / Addiction 12:16
  5. Scorn / Spongie 16:03
  6. Neotropic / It's Your Turn To Wash Up 18:55
  7. Automaton / The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centauri Year 2794 21:44
  8. Chin Chillaz / Konkret 30:42
  9. Dub Syndicate / Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding Pt. 3 35:08
  10. Hong Kong Express / Drunken Haze 38:23
  11. Mikron / Perspective 40:30
  12. Skull vs. Ice / Operation Mind Control 43:50
  13. Darkhalo / Pacific Shore 46:12
  14. Dune / Carnaq 48:38
  15. Secret Frequency Crew / Sea Green 52:12
  16. Global Communication / 4:14 55:55
  17. DJ Spooky / Nihilismus Dub 59:35

I'm running short on time this week (and don't have too much to say anyway) but there are a couple things I want to highlight. First up is We™'s album Decentertainment on New York's Home Entertainment Recordings. It's a chunky, heavy, weird mixture of ambient, drum & bass, and downtempo / instrumental hip-hop / trip-hop. Really good and really strange record. I've just now noticed it's available on bandcamp too, so check it out if you've never heard it.

The other thing I'd like to call out is Automaton's (Bill Laswell's) The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centauri Year 2794 from the 1994 album Dub Terror Exhaust. The copy played here is from the later 2005 Subharmonic In Dub compilation (which I must have picked up right when it was released). Or maybe it's DJ Spooky's track - he gets the writing credit (as The Alchemist) and a shortened version of Terran Invasion appears on Spooky's Songs Of A Dead Dreamer. In any case it's been a favorite of mine for a long time, since I first heard it on Dead Dreamer. Just a beautiful slice of dub. I let it run long in this mix 'cause I wanted to hear it.

And that'll close out the month for me. Summer seems to be in full swing here and we've got a heat wave coming where I am in the Pacific Northwest. I'm going to try not to melt. I'll be back next week Thursday as usual with something fast.


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